Video: Vadym Novynskyi called Borys Kolesnikov the best candidate for the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine

The head of the OPPOSITION BLOC parliamentary faction, MP Vadym Novynskyi believes that the best candidate for the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine is the Chairman of the Political Council of the OPPOSITION BLOC, Prime Minister of the Opposition Government Borys Kolesnikov.

According to him, Borys Kolesnikov could become a successful Prime Minister, since he has a great experience. “This is a man who pulled the European Football Championship 2012 on his shoulders. When he came to the government, less than two years remained before Euro 2012. Everything was in ruins. There were reports from UEFA that if we did not start the process, then we would be taken away the right to hold the Championship,” Vadym Novynskyi said on the “ZIK” TV channel.

According to the MP, Borys Kolesnikov made a titanic effort to ensure that Euro 2012 was held at the highest level. “And this assessment was given by both UEFA and FIFA,” the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC faction said.

According to Vadym Novynskyi, the activities of the outgoing power can hardly be called reformative. “What they did was not reforms. Reforms in any area must improve the lives of the people. If we are talking about education reform, then education standards should rise, if medicine reform, then health services should become more accessible, and pension reform should lead to decent pensions. I believe that Borys Kolesnikov would be able to carry out the necessary changes in all spheres of activity and lead the country to success,” Vadym Novynskyi concluded.

11 June 2019 13:02
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