Residents of Berdiansk supported the program of Oleksandr Vilkul

Residents of Berdiansk supported the program of Oleksandr Vilkul

On Saturday, February 23, Oleksandr Svydlo, a deputy of the Berdyansk City Council from the OPPOSITION BLOC, met with the residents of the “Military Town” neighborhood unit. They discussed pressing issues of the citizens, as well as the upcoming presidential elections.

According to the deputy, the meeting took place almost spontaneously. And despite this, about 90 people came to talk with Oleksandr Svydlo. After all, the deputy of the OPPOSITION BLOC provides system support to the neighborhood unit and its residents. He achieved funding for the development of design and estimate documentation for repairing the blind area around houses of the Association of co-owners of an apartment building, allocating 272 000 UAH from the city budget for repairing the roof of a cooperative house, repairing intra-quarter roads, as well as allocating more than 200 000 UAH for the construction of a new road. In addition, Oleksandr Svydlo regularly participates in the organization of sporting events and celebrations for the residents of the “Military Town”.

At the meeting, the deputy and residents of the “Military Town” discussed the plans for the development of the neighborhood unit for 2019. Also, citizens shared their problems, requests and wishes concerning their houses and apartments. In particular, residents are very concerned about the issue of installing individual gas meters, as well as the participation of the Association of co-owners of an apartment building of the neighborhood unit in the city program of co-financing the thermo-modernization of houses. The deputy took control of all voiced questions.

The residents of the “Military Town” asked Oleksandr Svydlo about the presidential race. The politician noted that he supports the only opposition candidate – the leader of the “OPPOSITION BLOC – Party of Peace and Development” Oleksandr Vilkul. The oppositionist spoke about the election program of Vilkul, which is aimed at developing the economy and providing social protection for the population. The townspeople present at the meeting supported it, since they also advocate peace in the country, adequate tariffs for housing and public utilities, the creation of new jobs, insurance medicine and affordable, and most importantly, quality education.

25 February 2019 16:55
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