The authorities are preparing for massive election fraud

The authorities are preparing for massive election fraud

Statement of the OPPOSITION BLOC faction

The current authorities are preparing for full-scale fraud during the presidential elections in order to illegally bring Petro Poroshenko to power. This is evidenced by the numerous facts of systemic preparation for the curvature of the results of the expression of the will of the citizens of Ukraine at the next presidential elections on March 31, 2019.

On March 12, the Central Election Commission announced that it would print another 260 thousand ballots for the first round: their total number will be 30 million 440 thousand pieces. The difference of several million ballots in the absence of a census and reliable data on the population makes it possible to ensure victory for any candidate, even with a zero rating.

The most brutal attempt to legalize fraud is the CEC Resolution No. 334 dated February 18, 2019, by which the CEC ordered the district election commissions to create working groups of employees of the SBU and the State Special Service. The security forces controlled by the president will allegedly ensure the security of the information system “Elections”, while in fact they will have unlimited access to interference in the electronic vote counting system.

Thus, the CEC has exceeded its legal powers, and forces district commissions to commit a crime, among the legal powers of which there is no creation of working groups. Thus, the CEC changes the voting process during the election campaign, which violates Art. 103 of the Constitution, according to which the procedure for organizing and conducting the presidential elections is regulated exclusively by the Law “On the Election of the President of Ukraine”.

In essence, what is happening is an attempt by the current president to take control of the electronic system “Elections”, using special services in order to synchronize fraud in the protocols that will be rewritten after counting with the data of the electronic system. The Venice Commission has clearly formulated a recommendation not to change the election rules less than a year before the elections.

The OPPOSITION BLOC intends to inform international observers and embassies of foreign countries about the facts of mass fraud in favor of Petro Poroshenko, as well as to appeal to law enforcement agencies with statements about committing of crimes.
27 March 2019 16:31
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