Victoriia Hryb on state budget 2020: “The promised “end of the era of poverty” is canceled”

Victoriia Hryb on state budget 2020: “The promised “end of the era of poverty” is canceled”

The Verkhovna Rada voted in the second reading the draft law No. 2000 on the state budget 2020. According to MP, Victoriia Hryb, it does not promise any fundamental changes to the economy of Ukraine and the growth of prosperity for citizens.

According to her, based on the adopted budget, no increase in social standards is planned for next year.

“The minimum wage will rise purely symbolically. The pension fund will remain scarce. Salaries for teachers will increase by only a few percent, although almost mountains of gold were promised. There’s nothing special to please the doctors either – the cost of medicine will increase, but not significantly,” the politician said.

According to Victoriia Hryb, the main risk of this budget is the failure to fulfill the income plan: individual articles look extremely far-fetched.

The MP emphasized that, together with her colleagues, she had made proposals that could qualitatively improve the draft budget proposed by the Cabinet.

“We insisted on increasing the living wage to UAH 4251, and the minimum wage – to UAH 7085. It was also necessary to increase the cost of rebuilding the infrastructure of the Donbas, to provide additional subventions to local budgets. We believe that now it is necessary more funding for medicine and education, and the Prosecutor General and the Ministry of Internal Affairs – less. This is only a small part of what we have proposed. Unfortunately, our proposals were not supported by the majority,” Victoriia Hryb summed up.

14 November 2019 17:15
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