Vadym Novynskyi: The path of successful Ukraine is the path of an economically developed maritime nation

Vadym Novynskyi: The path of successful Ukraine is the path of an economically developed maritime nation

MP, leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC parliamentary faction Vadym Novynskyi met with leading experts in the maritime industry of Bessarabia during his working visit to Izmail (Odesa Oblast).

To date, in terms of the volume and functional coverage of the economic cycles of the marine economic complex of Ukraine, our country still has all the preconditions to be a successful maritime nation. In a year, the lack of a wise state approach and the complete lack of professionalism of new staff can lead us to the point of no return, after which Ukraine will remain a maritime nation only in memories and history.

“The current authorities either ignore or exacerbate the problems of the industry with absolute amateurishness. Over the past five years, not a single law on water transport has been passed. Ports are experiencing a systemic crisis. The system for training human resources has been destroyed, the overall flow of trade is falling. Shipbuilding, ship repair and marine science are being destroyed,” said Yuriy Vaskov, ex-Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, trustee of the presidential candidate Oleksandr Vilkul.

The all-embracing crisis continues to develop in our country due to the fact that the “reforms” implemented in all areas are aimed at the possibility of making a profit by the authorities, rather than improving the standard of living of the population.

“Tens of thousands of sailors who bring about $ 2 billion with their salaries to Ukraine risk permanently losing their profession. The cost of retraining and certification, which a sailor needs to pass every five years, has increased from five to ten times. Only units operate out of more than five dozen training centers. It is necessary to reanimate the work of the regional centers, which will not allow such a profession as a seaman to disappear in Ukraine,” said the trustee of O. Vilkul, Svitlana Fabrykant.

According to the representatives of the port industry, under existing conditions, when the state established standards that take the lion’s share of profits from state-owned enterprises and oblige them to pay dividends quarterly, the authorities effectively deprive enterprises of development funds and lead to bankruptcy and destruction.

“Ukraine has another way of development. This is the path of peaceful Ukraine, the path of Ukraine with a developed economy, and a decent standard of living for Ukrainians. Under the leadership of Oleksandr Vilkul, the OPPOSITION BLOC team has prepared a program, which for each item is supported by a prepared draft law and draft regulations. I am sure that on March 31, Ukrainians will give their assessment of the activity of the current president. I believe that the Ukrainians will support Vilkul and we are ready to start changing the country and the lives of people for the better from the day of inauguration,” summarized Vadym Novynskyi, MP, head of the OPPOSITION BLOC faction.
28 March 2019 12:43
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