Vadym Novynskyi urged parliament to refuse to consider the language law and adopt the Electoral Code

Vadym Novynskyi urged parliament to refuse to consider the language law and adopt the Electoral Code

The head of the OPPOSITION BLOC parliamentary faction, Vadym Novynskyi, appealed to the Verkhovna Rada with a demand to abandon the consideration of the discriminatory law on language. The politician proposed to immediately adopt the new Electoral Code in order in October to elect a new composition of the Verkhovna Rada on a proportional basis on open party lists.

“In October, we will have elections to the Verkhovna Rada. We must vote for the new electoral system in order to prevent transformation of the Verkhovna Rada into an obedient tool in the hands of the new Presidential Administration. This will make the parliament more responsible and capable, coalitions – more stable. And dependence on the “desires” of the Presidential Administration will become more conditional,” Vadym Novynskyi said during the Conciliation Board.

According to the opposition MP, an independent parliament will be the main guard against any political “surprises” that the new President will carry.

“However, the authorities are again trying to convince us of the need to consider the discriminatory law on “language”. What is the difference between the proposed draft law and the Ems decree of Oleksandr II or Valuiev Circular, the Polish language law since Pilsudsky, all the legislative acts that oppressed the Ukrainian language and set the goal of its destruction? Do you want to pass a law that would destroy Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek and other languages in Ukraine?” the oppositionist emphasized.

According to Vadym Novynskyi, the law on language has been submitted to the parliament to help Petro Poroshenko to consolidate his electorate in the West and in the Center of Ukraine. “I understand that Poroshenko would like to demonstrate one more “victory” to the voters. But in reality, this draft law splits the society,” the head of the opposition faction noted.

According to Vadym Novynskyi, by introducing such laws, the authorities are trying to divert public attention from truly pressing issues – the war in the Donbas and the insane fall in living standards.

“These issues must first be solved by the authorities. The draft laws relating to these issues were submitted by the OPPOSITION BLOC to the Verkhovna Rada, but they are systematically ignored. I believe that our task is to overcome the crisis, give citizens confidence in the prospects of Ukraine, what language to speak and in which church to pray – every Ukrainian should decide it for himself,” the oppositionist concluded.
08 April 2019 12:37
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