Vadym Novynskyi: The language problem was artificially created by Petro Poroshenko

Vadym Novynskyi: The language problem was artificially created by Petro Poroshenko

“The language problem has not existed in Ukraine for a very long time. For 28 years, since 1991, citizens of Ukraine of different nationalities lived in the peace. However, starting in 2014, and especially during the election campaign, Petro Poroshenko grossly used what he couldn’t use – issues of language and faith, attitudes towards history, dividing society and starting to push people away. Because a divided society is easier to manage. But the people gave them an assessment, and, thank God, now he is not the President,” said Vadym Novynskyi, MP, head of the OPPOSITION BLOC, in an interview with journalist Dmytro Gordon.

He noted that there had been attempts to raise the language issue in Ukraine several times, starting with the time of President Viktor Yushchenko. So far, before the adoption of the law on the state language, the possibility of developing languages of national minorities existed.

“Both Russians, and Jews, and Moldovans considered themselves Ukrainians, because they were comfortable living in Ukraine. The language is an important value for any nation, and the state must ensure the citizens the right to use their native language and guarantee the right to receive education along with the state. The state language – Ukrainian – is obligatory for state service. But for a multinational state, integration on the basis of only one assimilation is not the way,” the MP said.

Vadym Novynskyi focused on the fact that over 40% of the citizens of Ukraine speak Russian, another 30% speak Russian and Ukrainian, that is, about 70% of Ukrainians are native Russian speakers. “Therefore, calling it the language of a national minority is not correct. The strength of the Ukrainian people is in diversity,” Vadym Novynskyi emphasized.

12 July 2019 12:20
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