Vadym Novynskyi: After the refusal of “For Life” party, the opposition has united around the OPPOSITION BLOC

Vadym Novynskyi: After the refusal of “For Life” party, the opposition has united around the OPPOSITION BLOC

The main goal of the united opposition is to establish peace. This was stated by the head of the OPPOSITION BLOC faction Vadym Novynskyi on the “Russia 24” TV channel, commenting on the negotiations on the unification of the opposition forces.

“The unification of the Ukrainian opposition has happened: we managed to reach an agreement with the parties: “Trust the Deeds”, “Ours”, “Renaissance”, “Party of Peace and Development”. We did everything to first prevent the split of the opposition, and then overcome the contradictions and unite. We conducted such negotiations, but part of our former party members, who went to the “For Life” party, unfortunately, refused to unite and now is going to the elections separately. Perhaps, we will succeed to unite with them in the parliament, because ideologically we are not so far from each other,” Vadym Novynskyi noted.

“We are going to the elections with a powerful political force: in our team there are industrialists, directors of budget-forming enterprises, mayors of large cities, several dozens of heads of local councils of all levels from Kharkiv to Uzhhorod. Our principled position is to represent the interests of all regions, protect the rights of local communities, and solve the problems of Ukrainians,” Vadym Novynskyi noted.

According to him, the main goal of the united opposition is to establish peace. “There is no alternative to the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Those political forces that propose to move away from them and look for alternative ways actually propose the continuation of the war. To fulfill the Minsk Agreements, firstly, the political will of the state leadership is necessary (and President Volodymyr Zelensky promised to do everything possible for this), and, secondly, healthy political forces in the new parliament. To lift the economic blockade of the Donbas, it is enough for the President to convene the National Security and Defense Council and to enact the relevant decision by his decree,” the politician emphasized.

This, according to Vadym Novynskyi, will allow restoring the economic communication with temporarily uncontrolled areas of the Donbas, after which the political reintegration of the region will begin.

“The next step after the implementation of the Minsk agreements and the establishment of peace should be good-neighborly relations with the Russian Federation,” he added.

The leader of the faction recalled that the losses of the Ukrainian economy from the break in trade relations with the Russian Federation amounted to about 80-90 billion dollars, and GDP over the past 5 years fell from 185 to 110 billion dollars.

“Since 2014, as a result of the rule of the team of Petro Poroshenko and two revolutionary governments, the Ukrainian economy has been in a state of catastrophe, the country has turned into a cemetery of factories. Return from the crisis to the level of 2013 will take about 30 years.

We need to urgently restore the traditional markets for Ukrainian exports, primarily Russian, we should revise the provisions of the Association Agreement and the Free Trade Area with the EU in the direction of protecting the Ukrainian manufacturer. Ukraine should and can build equal partnerships with all its neighbors and the world community. This will be achieved by the united opposition in the parliament,” Vadym Novynskyi stated.

17 June 2019 15:50
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