Vadym Novynskyi: Kyiv should enter into a direct dialogue with Moscow, Luhansk and Donetsk

Vadym Novynskyi: Kyiv should enter into a direct dialogue with Moscow, Luhansk and Donetsk

Exact adherence to the Minsk agreements is the only way to peace in the east of Ukraine. The head of the OPPOSITION BLOC parliamentary faction Vadym Novynskyi said about this in the air of the “Ukraine” TV channel. He stressed that no new peace negotiations should be sought.

“This form of negotiations will be successful, if only to approach them pragmatically, and to take real steps to achieve peace, rather than imitate the peace process, as the previous power did. The Minsk agreements are recognized by the entire civilized world. They were recognized by the UN Security Council and all European institutions. And it is not necessary to change it to any other format. It is only necessary to take real steps,” the politician said.

According to the oppositionist, the plan to achieve peace is clearly defined, and the Ukrainian power must finally begin to follow it.

“It is necessary, first, to stop the fire, to withdraw heavy weapons to a certain distance. The second is to conduct an exchange of prisoners according to the “all for all” formula. This conversation has been going on for four years. There were occasional successes on this path, but now we need to approach this with a real desire to do this. Then, by presidential decree, the economic blockade of the Donbas will be lifted. According to our calculations, the blockade damages the economy of Ukraine in the amount of 1 to 2% of GDP per year.

It is necessary to begin the economic rehabilitation of uncontrolled territories. We need to start paying social benefits, pensions. As of 2014, 1.3 million retirees lived in uncontrolled territories. Today, only about 500 thousand people receive pensions. By restoring the payment of pensions, we will extend a helping hand to people who live in uncontrolled territories,” the head of the OPPOSITION BLOC faction said.

Vadym Novynskyi noted the expectations of the opposition faction from the team of Volodymyr Zelensky to fulfill the Minsk agreements. And we will fully support the team of the new President in this matter. “But if the previous policy of imitating the peace process continues, we will firmly oppose it,” the MP warned.

“We need to proceed to direct negotiations with Moscow. It is Moscow that affects uncontrolled territories, rather than Paris and Berlin. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a direct dialogue with Moscow, Luhansk and Donetsk,” Vadym Novynskyi concluded.

18 June 2019 20:09
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