Vadym Novynskyi: If Zelensky wants to dissolve the Parliament, he will do it, despite the lack of legal grounds

Vadym Novynskyi: If Zelensky wants to dissolve the Parliament, he will do it, despite the lack of legal grounds

Volodymyr Zelensky should not begin his work on the post of President with a violation of the law. This view was shared by the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC parliamentary faction Vadym Novynskyi in the corridors of the Verkhovna Rada on Friday, May 17, commenting on the decision of the “People’s Front” on leaving the coalition.

According to the oppositionist, the “People’s Front” has taken such a step to deprive Volodymyr Zelensky of the opportunity to sign a decree on dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada. “In fact, there are no legal grounds for the dissolution of the Rada. However, if the newly elected president wants to dissolve the Parliament and calls early elections, I think he will do it, because he has 73% of the support,” the MP said.

Vadym Novynskyi believes that in this case, Zelensky’s decree “will not be legally clear.” “Of course, starting an activity with violation of the laws of Ukraine will not be a very good sign. The President should be a model for everyone,” the leader of the opposition faction emphasized.

Nevertheless, the issues of legality of the existence of a coalition in Parliament have arisen repeatedly. “For two years, we have appealed to the speaker with the requirement to give us a list of MP who are members of the coalition. However, we have not received a response to any of our requests. Most likely, there was no such a coalition de jure. And de facto, it existed,” said the parliamentarian.

According to Vadym Novynskyi, most of the draft laws submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers were adopted by the Verkhovna Rada. “Several so-called “reforms” education, medicine, pension reform were carried out. They were initiated by the government and always received the support in the session hall. The budgets also were approved. This suggests that the coalition was de facto,” the oppositionist noted.

Vadym Novynskyi believes that the next parliamentary elections will be held by a party-list system. “We believe that the current mixed election system is the basis for political corruption. Therefore, we voted in first reading for the Electoral Code. It states that a country moves from a mixed system to a proportional system when elections are held by a party-list system. With the votes of the OPPOSITION BLOC this Electoral Code was adopted in the first reading. About four thousand amendments were submitted to it. Of course, it will be better for the country if the new Electoral Code is adopted and the system is changed,” Vadym Novynskyi concluded.

17 May 2019 15:04
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