On the Day of Remembrance and Grief, Vadym Novynskyi and Yevhen Muraiev laid flowers at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Park of Eternal Glory in Kyiv

On the Day of Remembrance and Grief, Vadym Novynskyi and Yevhen Muraiev laid flowers at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Park of Eternal Glory in Kyiv

On June 22, the Day of Remembrance and Grief, war veterans, activists and supporters of the OPPOSITION BLOC together with party leaders Yevhen Muraiev and Vadym Novynskyi, as well as the leader of the opposition team in the capital Volodymyr Filippov laid flowers at the Eternal Flame above the Unknown Soldier’s Grave.

The meeting of commemoration was organized by the OPPOSITION BLOC together with the Kyiv City Organization of Veterans of Ukraine. Kyiv was one of the first to take upon itself the blow of the Nazis. Early in the morning of June 22, German aviation dropped the first bombs on a sleeping city. During the war years, Ukraine suffered the greatest material damage among all the republics of the Soviet Union. That is why it is so important for Kyivans not to forget the feat of the soldier-liberator.

Hundreds of Kyiv residents joined the OPPOSITION BLOC initiative, honoring the courage of the soldiers-liberators who gave their lives in the struggle against the German invaders for a minute of silence.

According to the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC Vadym Novynskyi, every year, on the day of the beginning of World War II, thousands of residents of Kyiv come to the Eternal Flame to remember the great feat of the people, who, despite all the war, survived, but also gained the Great Victory.

“Unfortunately, today we are increasingly witnessing attempts to rewrite the history of Victory. But we will do everything to ensure that the truth about that war passes from us to our children, and from our children to our grandchildren,” Vadym Novinsky noted.

According to him, the OPPOSITION BLOC will not allow turning Ukrainians from a victorious nation into the people of the defeated.

“A few days ago, in the Kharkiv City Council, by the efforts of the OPPOSITION BLOC faction, it was decided to return the name of the great commander Marshal Georgy Zhukov to one of the city avenues. In addition, we will restore the monument to the Marshal of Victory, which was recently destroyed by vandals,” the MP noted.

Yevhen Muraiev noted that for sound-minded Ukrainians, June 22 would forever remain the Day of Grief, and May 9 – Victory Day.

“We are being imposed that May 9, the day when our people won a victory over fascism, is a Day of Grief. However, for us, the Day of Grief is June 22. And May 9 will forever remain Victory Day. We will do everything to ensure that the revival of fascism does not happen. We see him raising his head. They rename our cities, streets and break monuments. But we will keep watch over the history and upbringing of our children,” Yevhen Muraiev noted.

According to him, the return of the name of Zhukov Avenue in Kharkiv is the first step to the restoration of historical truth. “Kharkiv is the first step towards the restoration of true values and historical truth. I am sure that all cities will gradually begin to show resistance. And we will definitely help them in this,” the MP said.

Kyiv residents who came to the requiem meeting thanked the opposition for organizing a memorable event.

“I am very glad that in our country there are people who resist the attempts of Viatrovych to rewrite history, to destroy the memory of the Victory. I am grateful to the OPPOSITION BLOC team for fighting and not betraying the interests of the millions of Ukrainians who most of all want peace to come to Ukraine again,” Liudmyla Melnyk from Kyiv noted.

22 June 2019 14:34
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