Serhiy Sazhko demanded the government to pay salaries to miners of Selidovo and Uhledar

Serhiy Sazhko demanded the government to pay salaries to miners of Selidovo and Uhledar

Due to wage arrears and the complete lack of prospects for the development of the coal industry, miners of Selidovo and Uhledar are on strike. People are brought to the extreme degree of despair. This was said by the MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC Serhiy Sazhko during a speech from the rostrum of the parliament.

“Once again I ask you to pay attention to the situation that has developed in the coal industry in recent years. For five years, the Poroshenko-Groysman government has not invested a penny in the industry. Even those enterprises that have recently been successful, such as the SE “Selidovugol,” are now barely making ends meet.

The best specialists are leaving enterprises because they are not able to support their families. The prestige of miner’s labor is falling due to the abolition of benefits and guarantees, delays in payments and extremely low wages,” the MP noted.

According to Serhiy Sazhko, the miners mostly live and work hard in single-industry towns, where there is no other work and other sources of income. That is why, the miners have no money to feed their families and pay for utilities; many of them live in debt. There is no reaction from the state. The miners, together with their families, are forced to take part in protest actions, block roads, go on a hunger strike in order to somehow draw the attention of the government to the situation that has developed in their cities.

“In my constituency, two mining teams are on strike right now – the mines of “Yuzhnodonbaska” No. 1 and the SE “Selidovol”. The demands of the miners are fair, understandable and legitimate. They require full repayment of debts, wage increases, updating production and charging new lavas, the return of all the required benefits and rights. The miners of the constituency handed me a petition, which I will bring to the Office of the President. We hope that the newly elected Head of state will nevertheless draw attention to problems in the coal industry, since they should be solved here and now,” the politician emphasized.

The oppositionist urged the parliament to vote for the draft law No. 10307 on proper financial support for state-owned mines.

02 July 2019 11:50
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