Ruslan Ovcharenko: First of all, peace is necessary for the development of the country, including - religious

Ruslan Ovcharenko: First of all, peace is necessary for the development of the country, including - religious

“Over the past five years, Ukrainians have had a rough time from war. Throughout the country, tears in the eyes of mothers and wives do not stop. And worst of all - there’s no end in sight. Moreover, when society is already politically divided, the current authorities incite inter-religious war in the country, using the most criminal way,” Ruslan Ovcharenko, a deputy of the Chuguevo city council from the OPPOSITION BLOC said.

According to him, the current president and his team, in pursuit of an election rating, grossly violate the Constitution and discriminate citizens based on religion.

“If the state declares European values, then its policy should correspond to these values. In our country, the authorities are copying the methods of governing the communist party of the Stalin era. And this is clearly seen in the example of state intervention in the affairs of the church. Public officials force clergy and parishioners to move into a new church, supported by the president of the country. Verkhovna Rrada adopted a law on the change of the historical name of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – an absolutely politicized decision that has no relation to religion. International experts have already recognized this law as discriminatory, violating basic human rights and the European principle of autonomy of religious organizations. Is it possible to imagine that, for example, the German government demands an official renaming from the Roman Catholic Church in Germany? Absurdity!” the oppositionist stressed.

Ruslan Ovcharenko expressed concern on the growing religious confrontation in Ukraine.

“Today we see how, with the submission of the current president and parliament to the country's largest religious denomination, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, headed by His Beatitude, Metropolitan Onuphrium, is under pressure, more and more resembling the Stalinist persecutions against believers. Dozens of temples are being captured by church raiders, who beat parishioners and priests with the connivance of law. Local government officials force parishes to move to the “right church” –the presidential one. Almost every day the radicals set fire to churches. Priests and bishops are pursued by special services, calling for interrogations and conducting unreasonable searches. The pro-government media persecute believers, throw mud, incite enmity and hatred,” the politician noted.

According to the deputy, this has never happened before during the entire time of Ukraine’s independence.
25 February 2019 15:42
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