The publication of Yuriy Lutsenko about Oleksandr Vilkul and Dmytro Kolesnikov is a farce of a political blogger

The publication of Yuriy Lutsenko about Oleksandr Vilkul and Dmytro Kolesnikov is a farce of a political blogger

The OPPOSITION BLOC political party claims that the information contained in the publication of ex-Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko on the wanted notice of the people’s deputies of the eighth convocation Oleksandr Vilkul and Dmytro Kolesnikov is the political farce of the “popular” blogger.

Several years of investigation into the criminal proceedings opened against the opposition have not given results: there is no evidence of their guilt on fabricated charges, and, as a result, the case was not brought to court in essence.

Due to the inability of the department headed by Yuriy Lutsenko to substantiate political statements with facts, the Verkhovna Rada in October 2018 already refused to prosecute the oppositionists Oleksandr Vilkul and Dmytro Kolesnikov.

The result of this and other falsifications was the disappointment of citizens in the justice of the Ukrainian state and the institutional capacity of law enforcement.

In addition, neither Oleksandr Vilkul nor Dmytro Kolesnikov recently received properly executed calls from the investigating authorities and did not hide from them, until August 29, 2019 they were in public work – they were people’s deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, and their whereabouts were known .

The OPPOSITION BLOC will defend the good name of our associates Oleksandr Vilkul and Dmytro Kolesnikov. We are sure that their innocence will be proved in court. But for every violation of the law and every step beyond official authority for the sake of political persecution of opponents, officials of the team of Petro Poroshenko should be held accountable.

The era of political populism and impunity is over. We hope that with the departure of Yuriy Lutsenko from the prosecutor’s office, legality will be the main principle of the work of law enforcement.

The OPPOSITION BLOC is sure that in order to avoid such tests, to which the society and the reputation of the state of Ukraine were subjected during the Poroshenko regime, it is necessary to abolish the amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On the Prosecutor’s Office”, which allows professionally unsuitable candidates without education to occupy leading positions in this law enforcement body. MPs from the OPPOSITION BLOC are ready to submit the corresponding draft law to the parliament.

06 September 2019 19:45
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