The OPPOSITION BLOC is political party number 1 in the bulletin

The OPPOSITION BLOC is political party number 1 in the bulletin

The Central Election Commission has conducted the toss of the order of putting the name of political parties on the ballot at the extraordinary parliamentary elections on July 21, 2019.

Thus, the OPPOSITION BLOC political party received number 1 on the ballot.

The election list of the OPPOSITION BLOC was formed and approved at the IX Party Congress on June 10, 2019. The list is headed by MP Yevhen Muraiev.

According to him, the OPPOSITION BLOC team in the new convocation of parliament will ensure representation of all regions of Ukraine.

The main task of the party is to return peace to Ukraine, the new industrialization, the development of the economy and the improvement of people’s living standards.

“Our goals and objectives are understandable. First, it is necessary to ensure the representation of the regions in the Verkhovna Rada, to abolish those pseudo-reforms with which the power has arranged genocide in our country. And the most important thing is to lay the foundation for the development of our state. We know how to do this – in our team there are mayors of cities, behind whom there are millions of our citizens. They know what to do on the local level. There are also very competent managers, heads of enterprises for whom industrialization and jobs are not an empty sound,” Yevhen Muraiev noted.

26 June 2019 15:15
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