The Parties “Opposition Bloc”, “Ours”, “Renaissance”, “Trust the Deeds” and “Party of Peace and Development” will take part in parliamentary elections together

The Parties “Opposition Bloc”, “Ours”, “Renaissance”, “Trust the Deeds” and “Party of Peace and Development” will take part in parliamentary elections together

Five opposition parties announced joint participation in parliamentary elections and signed a Memorandum of Unity of Opposition Forces.

The combined team will include representatives of the Parties “Opposition Bloc”, “Party of Peace and Development”, “Renaissance”, “Trust the Deeds”, “Ours”.

The solemn signing of the Memorandum took place on June 7 at the Pedestrian Bridge in Kyiv.

The document was signed by: Chairman of the Political Council of the “Opposition Bloc” Party – Borys Kolesnikov, Chairman of the “Opposition Bloc” faction in the Verkhovna Rada – Vadym Novynskyi, MP from the “Opposition Bloc” faction – Oleksandr Vilkul, mayor of Kharkiv, Chairman of the “Trust the Deeds” Party – Hennadii Kernes, Co-chairman of the “Trust the Deeds” Party, mayor of Odesa – Hennadii Trukhanov, MP, Chairman of the “Ours” Party – Yevhen Muraiev, Chairman of the Political Council of the “Renaissance” Party – Volodymyr Pylypenko, Mayor of Mariupol – Vadym Boichenko, CEO of PJSC “Zaporizhstal” – Rostyslav Shurma, Mayor of Uzhgorod from the “Renaissance” Party – Bohdan Andreiev, Mayor of Pokrovsk from the “Renaissance” Party Ruslan Trebushkin.

In the Memorandum, representatives of the parties declared the decision to create a single bloc of opposition forces “to protect common political and spiritual values”.

Among the main principles – the establishment of a reliable and lasting peace in Ukraine, the organization of the negotiation process in the east of Ukraine “based on the achievement of reasonable compromises.”

“The consolidation of the non-aligned status of Ukraine in the Constitution, the revival of the Ukrainian economy, the creation of new jobs, the high level of wages, decent pensions, the development of local self-government,” the document says.

The Memorandum covers issues of language policy and interstate relations.

In particular, the signatories plan to work together in parliament in order to ensure the right of citizens “to speak and teach their children in their native language, without language dictates from the state”, as well as to guarantee “non-interference of the state in religious and confessional issues.”

Commenting on the unification, the Chairman of the Political Council of the “Opposition Bloc”, Borys Kolesnikov, said that the issue of peace was a priority for the opposition team. “Until Ukraine restores its territorial integrity, there is no issue more important than peace. Our next task is to restore economic power. We must create an attractive investment country, achieve a socially tangible result for every Ukrainian,” the oppositionist said.

Borys Kolesnikov is confident in the success of the united opposition. “For the time of independence, this is the first unification of representatives of local self-government and young talented managers, for whom – millions: from Uzhhorod to Mariupol, from Odesa to Kharkiv. And I want to emphasize that today not just a party is being created, but an opposition movement – against war, against devastation and against anti-people reforms. We must create an atmosphere that prevailed in Ukraine during Euro 2012. If we manage to repeat an atmosphere like after the match Ukraine – Sweden – this will be the result of our hard work for the good of the future of our country. This is our goal, and I believe that it is quite feasible,” the Chairman of the Political Council of the Opposition Bloc noted.

According to the leader of the Opposition Bloc parliamentary faction, Vadym Novynskyi, the path to peace in Ukraine is direct negotiations, the achievement of compromises in compliance with the national interests of Ukraine and the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. “However, peace is not only to stop the war in the Donbas, peace is necessary between Ukrainians, without division into right and wrong on issues of language, culture, faith, history, without division of Ukraine into west and east, north and south. Ukraine needs peace and development, and Ukrainians need mutual understanding and respect. For the sake of such a peace, we have united today,” the head of the Opposition Bloc faction stressed.

According to the mayor of Kharkiv, Chairman of the “Trust the Deeds” Party Hennadii Kernes, the team of the united opposition movement is in favor of deepening the reform of decentralization.

“We are for the development of local government. To this end, we, the mayors of large and small cities of Ukraine, have united into a single party, “Trust the Deeds”. Today we have signed a Memorandum with other parties – the “Opposition Bloc”, the “Party of Peace and Development”, “Ours” and “Renaissance” – in order to carry out such decentralization, which makes it possible to earn money in cities, towns and villages. Today this money is “eaten up” in Kyiv due to high tariffs, due to transcendental prices. Therefore, we will support the continuation of deep decentralization so that local governments can feel independent and manage the territories entrusted to them,” added the mayor of Kharkiv, chairman of the party “Trust the Deeds”Hennadii Kernes.

In turn, the Chairman of the “Ours” Party, Yevhen Muraiev, noted that the bloc of opposition forces would work in parliament to stop the separation of Ukrainians in issues of language, culture or history.

“We are going to the parliament to repeal the anti-people laws that made Ukrainians deprived of their rights and divided into several varieties. And we have a clear plan on how to “repair” our country. I hope that the course declared by the President at the beginning of the election campaign will indeed be brought to life, because the country must return to the path of peace and economic growth for the sake of our people. I know that we can do it!” Muraiev said after signing the Memorandum.

Representatives of the Opposition Bloc called on other opposition parties to join the union and announced a congress on June 9, where candidates from the united political force would be nominated for taking part in parliamentary elections.

07 June 2019 16:10
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