Leave the “language” alone and pack your bags: Oleksiy Bilyi demanded the coalition to withdraw language law from consideration

Leave the “language” alone and pack your bags: Oleksiy Bilyi demanded the coalition to withdraw language law from consideration

MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC Oleksiy Bilyi urged the Verkhovna Rada to refuse to consider a discriminatory draft law on language. According to the politician, the collapse of Petro Poroshenko in the presidential election has showen that Ukrainians are tired of the rhetoric of hatred and enmity. “Three quarters of Ukrainians pointed Poroshenko at the door. What other signal does the Verkhovna Rada need to settle down?” Oleksiy Bilyi said.

“Both this parliament and President Poroshenko were elected in 2014. Since then, the political views and preferences of Ukrainians have changed significantly. However, the coalition is still based on the “Bloc of Petro Poroshenko” and the “People’s Front”. On Sunday, we saw what the people thought about Poroshenko. Nobody thinks about the “People’s Front” today, because the level of its support is on the verge of sociological error. Why do these political “losers” continue to dictate their agenda to us?” the MP said.

According to Oleksiy Bilyi, coalition members today should not be engaged in “language”, but to think about their political future. “You’d better start packing your bags, because in the fall, none of you will be in the parliament anymore”, Bilyi assured, addressing the coalition members.

According to the oppositionist, the last month and a half, the parliament has been engaged in nothing except the consideration of the draft law on language. “This is nonsense in a country where armed conflict has continued for five years, where millions live below the poverty line, where millions go abroad for earnings because they have nothing to feed the children,” the parliamentarian added.

Oleksiy Bilyi urged the Verkhovna Rada to abandon consideration of the discriminatory draft law on language and go on to consider the anti-crisis package of draft laws, initiated by the OPPOSITION BLOC.

“Today, there are only a few dozen MPs in the parliament. This “circus” cannot be called a full consideration of the law. All edits offered by the OPPOSITION BLOC are rejected. I generally think that this law should be removed from the agenda. It has nothing to do with democracy. People no longer want splits either religiously or linguistically. Stop shaking the air in the hope of raising your suspended rating. Under the collapse of Poroshenko, the adoption of a language law is a bad idea. You are making a mess today, and in the fall we will have to clean up after you,” Oleksiy Bilyi summarized.

23 April 2019 15:35
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