The OPPOSITION BLOC demands Avakov to take control of the investigation of the attacks on Vilkul’s agitators in Mykolaiv

The OPPOSITION BLOC demands Avakov to take control of the investigation of the attacks on Vilkul’s agitators in Mykolaiv

The OPPOSITION BLOC faction in the Verkhovna Rada sent the official appeal to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov with the requirement to immediately intervene in the situation in Mykolaiv in connection with the attacks on agitators of the presidential candidate Oleksandr Vilkul.

The corresponding appeal addressed to the Minister was signed by the head of the faction Vadym Novynskyi.

The document draws attention of the Minister of Internal Affairs to the facts of the attack on the campaign tents of Oleksandr Vilkul, which occurred on March 19.

“The attackers (three young people aged 20–22 years old, thin build, about 175–180 cm tall, dressed in dark sportswear) acted boldly, arrogantly and without actually hiding – the attack took place on a white day. In general, four campaign tents of Vilkul were cut down in the city. The worst thing is that as a result of the attack a woman was injured, who was in one of the tents at the intersection of the Dekabrists and Senna streets and she gave out propaganda materials. The victim was taken by the ambulance, her leg was broken,” the document says.

It is indicated that the attackers in masks and with knives in their hands, who beat women, is a direct consequence of the short-sighted policy, which has been held in Ukraine recently.

According to Vadym Novynskyi, what happened in Mykolaiv is not the only fact of an attack on the agitators of Oleksandr Vilkul and the candidate for President of Ukraine himself. He cited several facts that occurred in other regions.

“We are compelled to state that this is happening with the full connivance and even assistance of the authorities and law enforcement agencies. The facts of the attacks remain unexplored, the perpetrators of crimes are unpunished,” Vadym Novynskyi writes.

The politician notes that the authorities use people – “peaceful activists” – for their own purposes, to intimidate opponents and put pressure on the will of the citizens.

“Moreover, we are convinced that the attacks of the campaign tents of the candidate for President of Ukraine O. Vilkul and the beating of the woman agitator testify to attempts of the current authorities to distort the results of the will of the residents of Mykolaiv by radical forces, as well as to intimidate people. In addition, we believe that this situation is nothing more than development of a model of destabilization of the situation in those localities and regions where the authorities cannot win.”

In an appeal to Arsen Avakov, the OPPOSITION BLOC demanded the law enforcement agencies to immediately find the attackers.

In addition, the opposition MPs required the Minister of the Interior to immediately intervene in the situation and restore law and order in Mykolaiv during the election campaign and directly during the presidential elections in Ukraine. The faction demands to take all measures stipulated by the current legislation for establishing those responsible for the commission of attacks on Vilkul’s campaign tents in Mykolaiv, bringing the perpetrators and customers of the crime to justice.

In addition, Vadym Novynskyi demanded to start investigating the incident, which has signs of violation of Art. 125 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine upon inflicting bodily harm on the woman agitator.

“Radicals must be held accountable before the law,” Vadym Novynskyi stressed in his appeal to Arsen Avakov.

Recall, on March 19 in Mykolaiv, unknown broke a leg of Vilkul’s agitator. The victim told the details of the attack. A few days ago, Olena had an operation.

28 March 2019 12:08
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