“Opposition Platform - For Life” is aimed at disrupting parliamentary elections, - Yevhen Muraiev

“Opposition Platform - For Life” is aimed at disrupting parliamentary elections, - Yevhen Muraiev

The decision of the Sixth Court of Appeal to oblige the CEC to repeat the draw on the numbers of parties in the ballots is fraught with disruption of the electoral process. According to the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC, Yevhen Muraiev, the “Agrarian Party” filed a lawsuit demanding to repeat the draw. The “Opposition platform – For Life”, leading to the parliament 11 representatives of the team of Petro Poroshenko and nationalist Kiva, was on the side of the claimant in legal proceedings.

“Why are they doing that? This is a clear disruption of the elections,” Muraiev said on the program “Right to Power” on “1 + 1” TV channel.

According to Muraiev, the printing industrial complex “Ukraine” has already printed 5 million 200 thousand ballots, and the court’s decision does not stop the work of the enterprise.

“By the time of consideration of the case in the Supreme Court, about 20 million ballots will have been printed. It should be noted that the printing industrial complex does not have spare paper. Nobody reserves it. It will be necessary to re-buy, despite the fact that the purchase price is UAH 280 million. This is taxpayers’ money, that is, every Ukrainian,” the opposition leader stressed.

According to Muraiev, the repeated drawing of lots is fraught with a disruption of the parliamentary elections.

“The date of the draw is dated the 26th of the last month. It is illegal to conduct it. But if it is held, it will mean that the electoral calendar has failed, and the ballots will not be printed on time. Elections on July 21 will not take place. This will lead to additional costs that are not provided for in the budget,” Yevhen Muraiev noted.

It should be noted that the “Servant of the People” party also believes that the decision of the Sixth Court of Appeal can disrupt the elections to the Verkhovna Rada.

“The situation is quite dangerous. As far as I know, some of the ballots are already printed. They are 5 million 200 thousand. This means that part of the budget has been spent, and this could lead to a disruption of the elections,” Dmytro Razumkov, head of the “Servant of the People” party, on “1 + 1” TV channel.

Earlier, the head of the Central Election Commission Tetiana Slipachuk noted the intention of the CEC to appeal the decision of the Sixth Court of Appeal. “It’s difficult for me to comment on all the legal aspects of the decision, but I’m informing you that this action is aimed at disrupting the elections,” she said.

05 July 2019 11:35
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