The team of the OPPOSITION BLOC of Cherkasy celebrated Victory Day

The team of the OPPOSITION BLOC of Cherkasy celebrated Victory Day

On May 9, Ukraine celebrates Victory Day over Nazism in World War II. In Ukraine and in many European countries, commemorative events are held in honor of this momentous event – meetings with veterans, solemn gatherings, reviews of military equipment, and reconstruction of battles.

Cherkasy also joined in honoring those who died in the terrible World War II. The city held a solemn rally and march to the Hill of Glory in honor of the fallen soldiers in fierce battles, including the liberation of the city of Cherkasy.

Representatives of the OPPOSITION BLOC also took part in official celebrations, paying tribute to our great-grandfathers-grandfathers, who 74 years ago won peace and freedom for us in a fierce fight with the fascist invaders.

“Unfortunately, because of the actions of the current authorities, the people who saved the world must again fight for their existence and survival. This happens in more than seven decades after their great feat!” Ihor Melnikov, Chairman of the regional organization of the OPPOSITION BLOC, stated.

According to him, the current bureaucrats systematically eliminate heroic pages from our history and try to level out the merit of the people who have won freedom for the world.

“The authorities have virtually forgotten about the veterans and brought them to a state of poverty. However, the memory of the World War II is beyond the control of such actions as time. Indeed, in every Ukrainian family, the memory of their heroic relatives is sacredly honored. Because every Ukrainian family suffered incredible losses in those bloody events. We are proud of the glory of those who brought such a desired peace to Ukraine, and bow our heads before the memory of those who fell in the World War II,” Ihor Melnikov emphasized.

09 May 2019 15:38
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