Kyiv, June 7, 2019

We, the plenipotentiary representatives of political parties “Opposition Bloc”, “Party of Peace and Development”, “Ours”, “Renaissance”, “Trust the Deeds”, declare our decision to create a single political force to protect common political and spiritual values.

We are on a joint ideological platform; we have a minimum of differences in the vision of the country’s development strategy, a similar understanding of the development of modern social and political processes. We believe that at this important and crucial moment the personal ambitions of everyone should move away. Our party members and our voters are waiting for us to consolidate the opposition forces.

We declare that our basic principles, which we intend to defend with all our strength, are:

- the establishment of a reliable and lasting peace in Ukraine, the organization of the negotiation process in the east of Ukraine within the framework of achieving reasonable compromises;

- consolidation of the non-aligned status of Ukraine in the Constitution, support of state neutrality as the basis of interstate relations;

- the revival of the Ukrainian economy, the new industrialization of the country, the creation of new jobs, raising the standards of quality of life;

- high level of wages, decent pension provision;

- development of local self-government, in-depth decentralization;

- ensuring the right of citizens to speak and teach their children in their native language without language dictates from the state;

- non-interference of the state in religious and confessional issues;

- normalization of relations with all neighbors of Ukraine, minimization of historical and political contradictions in favor of healthy pragmatism in interstate relations;

- concern for the prestige of Ukraine in the world arena and the authority of the institutions of power within the country.

We declare our intention to hold a unifying congress in the near future, at which an organizational structure with a single party leadership will be created.

The united political party will take part in the early parliamentary elections in July 2019. We call on other political forces that are on the opposition platform to join our union!

We believe in the correctness of our path and in our victory!

Borys Kolesnikov

Chairman of the Political Council of the “Opposition Bloc” Party


Vadym Novynskyi

Chairman of the “Opposition Bloc” faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine


Hennadii Kernes

Chairman of the “Trust the Deeds” Party,

Mayor of Kharkiv


Volodymyr Pylypenko

Chairman of the Political Council of the “Renaissance” Party


Yevhen Muraiev

Chairman of the “Ours” Party,

People’s Deputy of Ukraine


Oleksandr Vilkul

Leader of the “Party of Peace and Development”,

People’s Deputy of Ukraine


Bohdan Andreiev

Mayor of Uzhhorod,

“Renaissance” Party


Vadym Boichenko

Mayor of Mariupol,

“Opposition bloc” Party


Rostyslav Shurma

CEO of PJSC “Zaporizhstal”,

“Opposition Bloc” Party

07 June 2019 16:27
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