Ihor Shurma: Uliana Suprun has no moral or legal basis to represent Ukraine in the international arena

Ihor Shurma: Uliana Suprun has no moral or legal basis to represent Ukraine in the international arena

Given the criminal cases initiated by the Prosecutor General’s Office regarding Uliana Suprun’s possible abuses, her voyages as part of Ukrainian delegations abroad are not only doubtful, but also harmful. This was stated by MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC Ihor Shurma, commenting on the information about the trip of the acting Minister of Health Uliana Suprun to the assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva.

According to Ihor Shurma, Ukraine has not repaid the arrears in membership fees to the WHO, respectively, representatives of the Ukrainian delegation are denied the right to speak at the official meetings of the organization. “It is known that non-payers of contributions at official meetings of WHO are deprived of speech. Why did Uliana Suprun go there?” Ihor Shurma is surprised.

The politician noted that the acting Minister of Health had not yet refused a US citizen’s passport, thus violating Ukrainian legislation. “For three years she has been in the position of the acting minister, however, abroad she is everywhere represented as the minister. Under such circumstances, it should be understood for what purpose and on whose funds Suprun represents Ukraine. In general, how can a person speak on behalf of a ministry, whose candidacy the Cabinet of Ministers refuses to submit to parliament for three years? How can a person who cannot legitimize his representation in a ministry speak on behalf of the state? Moreover, while the prosecutor’s office initiated a whole series of criminal cases regarding her possible abuses, her voyages are generally doubtful and harmful to the authorities of Ukraine,” the politician emphasized. – Uliana Suprun positions herself as a patriot. However, is it patriotic to illegally hold office? Is it patriotic to violate immigration laws? And is it patriotic not to pay contributions to the WHO, and then go there to the assembly?”

According to Ihor Shurma, the newly elected President Zelensky made it very clear that he did not trust the reforms of Uliana Suprun. “Would the citizens who supported Volodymyr Zelensky at the elections delegate Uliana Suprun to represent Ukraine in the international arena?” I am convinced, no,” the MP stated.

By words of Ihor Shurma, the OPPOSITION BLOC has long registered the resolution No. 5642 about the dismissal of the acting Minister of Health Uliana Suprun. “We continue to insist on the need for her dismissal. We urge Mrs. Uliana not to hold on to her position, not to wait until she is dismissed from the ministry in disgrace, but to leave on her own,” Ihor Shurma concluded.

It should be noted that in response to the deputy inquiry of Ihor Shurma, the State Bureau of Investigation launched a preliminary investigation in the criminal proceedings on the fact of official negligence of officials of the Ministry of Health, which caused significant harm to state interests.

21 May 2019 14:11
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