Ihor Shurma: Victory in the Great Patriotic War is an example of high heroism in the name of life

Ihor Shurma: Victory in the Great Patriotic War is an example of high heroism in the name of life

“On the eve of May 9, all of humanity is preparing to celebrate the victory over fascism. For us, this is a double holiday – the victory over the occupier of our country in the Great Patriotic War and the end of the Second World War, the fighting of which took place in 62 countries out of 73 countries that existed at that time,” MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC, Ihor Shurma, stressed the importance of this day.

He noted that the whole world had fought against Nazism, but victory over it was only possible thanks to the ordinary people who inhabited the territory of the former USSR. After all, regardless of nationality and personal views, they stood shoulder to shoulder to defend their native land.

“But they all had families, children, grandchildren and, most likely, they did not want to leave their homes, to expose themselves to bullets. But our ancestors did it – they fulfilled their civic duty and at the cost of their own lives they liberated their cities and villages, and then the Western European lands, putting an end to fascism as a military force and ideology,” Ihor Shurma noted.

That is why, according to the MP, May 9 was and remains a great holiday for Ukrainian families. For us, as for the whole world, this Victory is an example of the high heroism of ordinary people in the name of life, which put an end to inhuman ideology.

“But besides this, the Second World War with its multimillion-dollar victims should be a lesson for those who are trying to practice the policy of military force, as well as a constant reminder to the leaders of the states, what territorial claims may lead to.

Congratulations to all citizens of Ukraine on the Great Victory Day! Glory to the feat of our veterans!” Ihor Shurma addressed to everyone on the eve of the holiday.

08 May 2019 13:12
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