Ihor Shurma: Three criminal proceedings against Suprun have been opened by two deputy inquires of the OPPOSITION BLOC

Ihor Shurma: Three criminal proceedings against Suprun have been opened by two deputy inquires of the OPPOSITION BLOC

MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC faction Ihor Shurma appealed to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine for the prosecution of officials of the Ministry of Health accountable for the measles epidemic and death from the complications caused by it.

“We appealed to the General Prosecutor’s Office to examine the data of forensic medical examinations, establish the causes of deaths and investigate the facts that contain signs of criminal offenses from the leadership of the Ministry of Health and identify the perpetrators,” Ihor Shurma stated. The oppositionist also required to draw conclusions about the timeliness and quality of the provision of medical care to patients.

The deputy inquiry received a response from the Pechersk Directorate of the National Police that statements from the request of the MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC had been entered into the Unified State Register of Pre-Trial Investigations. Corresponding criminal proceedings also have been opened on facts that have signs of a criminal offense by officials of the Ministry of Health in accordance with Part I of Article 367 (official negligence) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

According to Ihor Shurma, unfortunately, this is not the only case of the tragic consequences of non-professional decisions of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health for Ukrainians. He recalled that already for three years, Acting Minister Ulyana Suprun has been occupying the position illegally, not meeting professional requirements, having neither Ukrainian citizenship nor a specialized higher education. The results of her activity not only caused material damage to the state, but also affected the health and lives of Ukrainians. As an example, the oppositionist cited data from the World Health Organization, under which the prevalence rate of measles in Ukraine exceeds the number of affected persons in all European countries taken together, including the Russian Federation. In two years, about 100,000 Ukrainians became ill in Ukraine and more than 30 people officially died of complications. The reason for this is the “reformed” health care system, which deprives people of the opportunity to get qualified help.

Criminal proceedings on unrelated charges and embezzlement of $ 575 million of budget funds have been opened on one of the deputy inquiries of oppositionists Ihor Shurma and Oleksiy Bilyi. This happened during the unjustified public procurement by the Ministry of Health of monitoring services for the quality of higher medical education from international organizations. Also, one of the criminal proceedings concerns official negligence with grave consequences and causing damage to the state in excess of three million hryvnia by the Testing Center under the Ministry of Health. Investigations within the framework of both proceedings are carried out by the Podilsky and Shevchenkivsky departments of the National Police of Kyiv. The procedural control is carried out respectively by the local departments of the Prosecutor’s Office No. 7 and No. 10 of the capital.

“Ukraine pays too high price for the lack of professionalism of the Ministry of Health: people are dying, the budget is being plundered, and the worst thing – the health care industry is collapsing, people are losing hope of receiving medical services in the future. And, as the results of our inquiries show, law enforcement officers and supervising bodies confirm the facts of misconduct of officials of the Ministry of Health,” Ihor Shurma concluded.

12 March 2019 17:54
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