Ihor Shurma: Parliament should start discussing a package of draft laws to establish peace

Ihor Shurma: Parliament should start discussing a package of draft laws to establish peace

“The power has justified poverty by war for five years, but people declared at the elections they had not delegate the right to continue the armed conflict to anyone either in the hot stage or in the frozen one. This parliament has lost national trust and its legitimacy. Early elections have become a reality, so it is necessary to defrost their funding, eliminate all organizational obstacles, and not to cover up the reluctance to lose power with bureaucratic excuses,” Ihor Shurma, MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC, stated this from the parliamentary rostrum.

He stressed the promise of President Volodymyr Zelensky to establish peace and exchange prisoners of “all for all”, and the Ukrainian people are waiting for the fulfillment of this promise.

“We firmly insist on the unconditional and immediate implementation of the Minsk agreements and the adoption of an appropriate package of laws. Four years ago, the OPPOSITION BLOC developed a package of draft laws that would establish a stable and lasting peace, as well as reintegration and restoration of the Donbas. Let’s finally start a discussion of the draft laws on the implementation of the Minsk agreements so that the next parliament will receive the primary task – the adoption of these laws,” the oppositionist noted.

The parliamentarian recalled that tomorrow the foreign ministers of France and Germany would arrive in Ukraine to find out the readiness of President Zelensky to fulfill the Minsk agreements. And the defrosting of the work of the group of heads of state of the Normandy format will depend on it.

“We urge the authorities to signal to the international community that Ukraine will finally turn from a zone of instability on the continent into a partner that fulfills its obligations. Otherwise, the credibility of the world community will be extremely short, given the five-year sabotage of the implementation of “Minsk” by Petro Poroshenko,” Ihor Shurma emphasized.

29 May 2019 14:20
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