The Borys Kolesnikov Foundation will send one hundred winners of the “Aviator 2019” contest at the prestigious forum in France

The Borys Kolesnikov Foundation will send one hundred winners of the “Aviator 2019” contest at the prestigious forum in France

On April 12, on the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics, the Borys Kolesnikov Foundation summed up the results of the All-Ukrainian student competition “Aviator 2019” and announced the names of one hundred winners. They were awarded certificates for the trip to the Le Bourget International Aerospace Show to France.

This school year, 8,500 students from 50 technical and aviation universities of the country took part in the “Aviator 2019”. They passed four qualifying stages: testing on the history and theory of the industry, technical English, exact sciences, as well as defended business cases to experts in the final of the project.

The competition jury included: Anton Volov, a graduate of Harvard University, the owner of the scholarship “Future leaders in transport” Eno Center for Transportation (USA); Oleksandr Cherepanov, an aviation industry expert; Maksym Hladskyi, Head of Progresstech-Ukraine Academic Relations Department; Yevhen Ivanov, Director of the Emirates office in Ukraine. Famous aircraft designer Dmytro Kiva led a team of professionals.

According to the experts, from year to year the projects of the contestants become more difficult, more professional, cover a wide range of topics. This time they dealt with the use of augmented reality technologies, combating aerophobia, reducing the costs of charter flights, creating online platforms, pollution control, air traffic control, developing drones with various tasks and functions, introducing a progressive system of medical assistance on board the aircraft and etc.

“The format “Interest an Investor”, chosen for the final stage of the “Aviator 2019”, allowed students to open up, engage in dialogue with jury members, present works in a practical aspect, and demonstrate creative potential. We are witnessing the formation of the intellectual component of Ukrainian aviation, and I see in this the great merit of the Borys Kolesnikov Foundation. The fact that every year one hundred young aviators become guests of the largest international air shows cannot be overestimated. This is a huge contribution to the development of Ukrainian science and education,” Yevhen Ivanov, a member of the jury of the project, shared his impressions.

The President of the Foundation congratulated one hundred of best students with a brilliant victory in the competition and the upcoming trip to the prestigious Le Bourget aviation forum in Paris. “Our country has made a worthy contribution to the history of world cosmonautics and aviation. And, despite the fact that over the past five years we have not launched a single aircraft, looking at our winners, I am absolutely confident in the future of Ukrainian aviation and in the future of children. Among their works there are good large-scale developments in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, there is even a proposal to reduce the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The competition commission will consider 4-5 winners’ projects for allocating an additional grant to create their own business by them and their teams,” Borys Kolesnikov noted.

Students will travel to France in June. At the aviation forum, they will see new products and the best achievements of the global aerospace industry, talk to professionals, take master classes, as well as visit the famous Disneyland amusement park.

“There are days which value can be assessed only over time. It seems to me that today is my day. On my professional holiday, I received an excellent gift – the opportunity to visit Paris with students from other universities and cities, to become part of the big aviation world, and in the future to join the ranks of the technical and aviation elite of Ukraine,” said Oleh Mykhailiutenko, winner of the “Aviator 2019” from the Zaporizhzhia National Technical University.

Recall, the Borys Kolesnikov Foundation has twice become the winner of the National rating of philanthropists in the nomination “The best charitable organization with a budget of 10 to 100 million UAH invested in the development of science and education in Ukraine”. Every year, the Foundation’s educational projects (“Aviator”, “Marine Business”, “Railwayman”, “Programmer”, “Agro”, “Architect” and “Food Technologies”) are joined by thousands of talented and motivated students who plan to implement their own developments and develop start-ups in domestic industries.

12 April 2019 18:35
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