Yevhen Muraiev: The state is obligated to engage in the reconstruction of the dam of the Dnipro hydroelectric station

Yevhen Muraiev: The state is obligated to engage in the reconstruction of the dam of the Dnipro hydroelectric station

The city authorities of Zaporizhia have neither legal grounds nor financial opportunities to reconstruct the emergency dam of the Dnipro hydroelectric station. This was stated by the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC Yevhen Muraiev during his working visit to Zaporizhia.

“Currently, Zaporizhia has two problems. The first is an unfinished bridge. The second is an emergency dam, which is crossed daily by about 150 thousand residents. Its repair costs about UAH 2-3 billion, but the problem is that it is on the balance of the state. The city community can not engage in the reconstruction of Dnipro hydroelectric station, otherwise it will be considered as inappropriate use of the budget. This again speaks of the urgent need for decentralization, which implies the financial independence of the regions,” Yevhen Muraiev noted.

According to him, for many years the central power refuses to solve the problem of Zaporizhia. “Thousands of people move around the emergency facility, often there are traffic jams, the bridge vibrates, the road surface is broken. The state must urgently intervene in the problems,” the MP said.

According to Yevhen Muraiev, local self-governments could be able to solve the problems of large infrastructure facilities in case of a deep decentralization.

“The OPPOSITION BLOC stands for deep decentralization so that all resources remain in the local level. Then budgets will be able to solve similar problems. The center should deal the army, the financial system, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the management of state monopolies, which should ensure the maintenance of the army and the apparatus of officials. With the effective management of state assets, money should be allocated for the construction of infrastructure facilities. Everything else must remain in the local level. Then the communities will not only be able to transfer expenses, but also ask for the maintenance of infrastructure facilities in proper condition,” the party leader stated.

At the same time, Yevhen Muraiev believes that the Dnipro hydroelectric station is inefficient. “Currently, the Dnipro hydroelectric station is practically leveling the peaks. Given that this is one of the cheapest electricity. It is involved literally twice a day. This is not a very positive effect on the energy balance. Everyone says about alternative sources, but no one is engaged in the reconstruction and adaptation of the infrastructure to modern technologies that would give a higher efficiency. All this should be addressed. And, first of all, it is the task of the Cabinet of Ministers. And it is necessary a program for this. This program must be not for one fiscal year, but for 10-20 years ahead. We will deal with this when we provide representation of all regions in the parliament,” Yevhen Muraiev emphasized.

25 June 2019 14:12
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