Yevhen Muraiev: The main separatists in Ukraine are the outgoing power

Yevhen Muraiev: The main separatists in Ukraine are the outgoing power

The outgoing power has consciously divided Ukrainians for years on humanitarian issues, thus trying to secure the loyalty of radical voters. This was stated by MP Yevhen Muraiev on the talk show “Right to Power” on the “1 + 1” TV channel.

“The main separatists in Ukraine are representatives of the former pro-government coalition. They divided us - society, country. Despite Article 10 of the Constitution (“In Ukraine, the free development, use and protection of Russian and other languages of the national minorities of Ukraine are guaranteed.” - Ed.), they voted for the law on language that affects millions of our citizens. They invented a political church, which even Filaret had already refused. They did this in order to, by speculating on our feelings, divide society and try to make Poroshenko President again,” the opposition politician emphasized.

According to him, there are many people in Ukraine that continue to practice the ideology of the division of the country. “They continue to feed us with slogans that we’re already fed up with since 2014,” the MP stressed.

In view of Yevhen Muraiev, the upcoming elections are the only chance to build a civilized state. “A state in which everyone will be equal. Multicultural and multinational state. And we offer a formula with which everyone will be comfortable both in Lviv and in the Donbas. An institution of democracy is necessary so that people themselves decide which language to speak in everyday life. We have been shouted for five years. It will not work anymore,” the politician concluded.

14 June 2019 09:16
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