Yevhen Muraiev: The formula for the success of Ukraine is in the maximum people’s authority

Yevhen Muraiev: The formula for the success of Ukraine is in the maximum people’s authority

The OPPOSITION BLOC electoral program contains world experience in building a successful state with a developed economy and strong local self-government. This was stated by the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC Yevhen Muraiev on the “Ukraine” TV channel.

According to the politician, the OPPOSITION BLOC leads a professional team to the parliament, which has repeatedly proved its effectiveness.

“Now our party includes leaders of large industrial enterprises, about 70 mayors of cities, including Kharkiv, Odesa, Zaporizhia, and Mariupol. These are people who know firsthand what labor is, what is contribution to the creation of GDP, what is currency earnings, which makes the national currency stable,” Muraiev noted.

According to him, the party program has been written for more than one year and takes into account the world experience of building an economically developed state. “What does our formula mean for the country?” Maximum democracy, creating a favorable investment climate so that the country can finally start earning and stop living in debt,” the opposition leader said.

According to Yevhen Muraiev, Ukrainians from Lviv to the Donbas should feel comfortable. “The new President often speaks about the need to adopt the Law on Referendums. We have it! Already a year and a half ago, it was registered in parliament. We have prepared a law on the funds withdrawn from the country, a law on the amnesty of capital – these are all parts of the country’s ecosystem, which people will live in, regardless of the names of politicians. You can agree with me, a great happiness – to watch entertainment programs instead of political talk shows. A country, in which people do not know the names of the ministers, will be happy,” the parliamentarian said.

According to Muraiev, the OPPOSITION BLOC team has high hopes for the change of power. “We hope Poroshenko’s course will forever be in the past. We are ready to share our experience, our achievements and our team with the new power. But we will always be in opposition to war, devastation, de-industrialization and violation of the rights of our citizens,” the opposition leader concluded.

29 June 2019 10:00
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