Yevhen Balytskyi: The activity of the “Vinnyk Commission” is white noise, no more

Yevhen Balytskyi: The activity of the “Vinnyk Commission” is white noise, no more

According to Yevhen Balytskyi, MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC, the “Vinnyk Commission” does not have any real authority to investigate crimes in “Ukroboronprom”. Neither do other parliamentary commissions, because there is no corresponding law on the Temporary Investigation Commission.

The MP believes that the commission should receive the same broad authority as, say, in America. Before that, there can be no talk of any effectiveness.

“Commission members can get together, say something to each other, discuss, but they have no real authority. All their activities are chatter for journalists to show something. But in reality this is white noise, only means for distraction and nothing more,” Yevhen Balytskyi stated.

Promising to crack down nepotism, the current authorities have simply brought theirs, noted an opposition politician.

“All newly created structures, such as National Anti-Corruption Bureau, Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, State Bureau of Investigation are pathetic. They blame each other, threaten each other, but at the same time, everything is either “in proportion” or “in the subject line”. After all, these are “love friends”, who have been in power for revolutionary relevance, rather than for professional qualities. Think about it: the Prosecutor General has no education. We, the opposition, even during the voting said – find a normal professional. Do we really have a poor country “for brains”? Was it really necessary to nominate Poroshenko’s godfather, whose wife is the presidential representative in parliament? This is a rhetorical question,” Yevhen Balytskyi emphasized.

14 March 2019 17:48
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