Dmytro Kolesnikov: After the victory of Oleksandr Vilkul in the elections, the agro-industrial complex will receive systemic state support

Dmytro Kolesnikov: After the victory of Oleksandr Vilkul in the elections, the agro-industrial complex will receive systemic state support

For a revival of the agro-industrial sector, urgent and significant changes are needed in the system of state support of the industry. This was stated by MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC Dmytro Kolesnikov following the results of meetings with residents, farmers and party activists of Verkhniodniprovsky and Krynychansky districts of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

According to the parliamentarian, at meetings with voters there were discussed many issues of the social and economic situation of the country, and the challenges that it faces. He noted that, despite the constant eloquent statements about the support of farmers, in fact, the current regime has withdrawn itself from helping this sector of the economy. The current state of the agro-industrial sector requires urgent and significant changes in the system of state support. “It should be directed to targeted financing and concessional lending to well-functioning commodity producers,” the politician said.

According to the oppositionist, the main measures of the specialists in the new government should be aimed at the formation and implementation of economic policies with a focus on the restoration of commodity flows, in which the agricultural sector occupies a special place. “Ukrainian land is the property of generations; its sale for a pittance will bring our country only losses in the future and irreversible consequences for the economy. Therefore, the presidential candidate from the opposition Oleksandr Vilkul is in favor of extending the moratorium on the sale of Ukrainian land before carrying out all the necessary reforms,” Dmytro Kolesnikov wrote on his Facebook page.

The politician drew attention to the fact that the budgetary mechanism of domestic state support for agriculture will become effective after the implementation of the presidential candidate’s election Program “Peace and Development: Four Steps to Success”. “After winning the elections, Oleksandr Vilkul will return the benefits to the farmers. His Program details the support of the agro-industrial complex according to the “Green Basket” principle, that is, compensation of 50% of the value of fixed assets in processing, compensation of interest on loans, development of village infrastructure. The agro-industrial complex of Ukraine will receive systemic state support in the form of compensation and financing after the victory of Oleksandr Vilkul in the presidential elections,” he stressed.

The parliamentarian also noted that one of the basic principles of public administration after the coming to power of the OPPOSITION BLOC professionals, there will be a stimulation of development of regional potential. “For example, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast is both an industrial and agrarian region with a very high potential for development. The agro-industrial complex is a strategic element of a stable future of our country, and its state support will become permanent and systematic,” Dmytro Kolesnikov concluded.

25 February 2019 16:07
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