Dmytro Kolesnikov: Ecological tax should remain in local budgets

Dmytro Kolesnikov: Ecological tax should remain in local budgets

The solution of environmental problems is one of the primary tasks for the state policy of any country, because the health and longevity of the population directly depends on the state of the environment. However, the current Ukrainian authorities ignore the environmental problems of the regions, withdrawing environmental fees to the central budget. This was stated by MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC Dmytro Kolesnikov.

“The priority of the current leadership of the country is to remain in power at any cost and get rich. Since its rule led Ukraine to the destruction of the economy and the build-up of debts, various methods are used to fill the budget, including openly damaging. Funds received from the environmental tax are withdrawn to the state budget for unearmarked expenses,” the MP said.

The opposition politician recalled that until 2014, the lion’s share of the environmental tax had been transferred to a special fund and had a strictly earmarking. Since 2015, the rules have changed: now the money is coming to the general fund of the state budget.

“Therefore, it can be sent to anything – from patching holes on the roads to maintaining the apparatus of officials,” Dmytro Kolesnikov wrote on his Facebook page.

To stop such an unfair withdrawal of earmarking, the OPPOSITION BLOC developed a draft law No. 100039. According to it, the environmental tax should remain in local budgets and be used for the restoration of ecology and the development of “green” technologies.

“Peaceful Ukraine, a modernized industry and a safe environment are the main priorities in the program of Oleksandr Vilkul “Peace and Development: Four Steps to Success.” Together we continue to fight for the economic and environmental well-being of Ukraine,” Dmytro Kolesnikov concluded.

14 March 2019 10:15
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