Borys Kolesnikov opened the School of Cooking Art with free master classes in the Donbas

Borys Kolesnikov opened the School of Cooking Art with free master classes in the Donbas

The Borys Kolesnikov Charitable Foundation, with the support of the Board of Trustees of Kostyantynivka, continues to pursue social and educational programs in Donetsk Oblast.

On March 22, Chairman of the Political Council of the OPPOSITION BLOC, President of the Foundation Borys Kolesnikov solemnly opened the School of Cooking Art at the base of Kostyantynivsky Professional Lyceum. Thanks to the latest equipment and experienced chefs, all students of Donetsk Oblast with food specialties can take master classes for free, learn from the best masters, as well as improve their professional skills.

The Foundation reconstructed a 500-square-meter high school canteen, purchased advanced equipment from well-known world manufacturers from Italy, Germany, Sweden, France, South Korea; equipped a pastry shop, a bar complex, industrial premises for 16 workplaces and a training class for 24 students. The confectionery and production departments are equipped with cameras that demonstrate online classes on a large screen in the classroom. Repair work and the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment cost the Foundation UAH 7.5 million.

Teachers of the school have undergone additional training, chefs from across the country have been invited to cooperate, and special programs have been developed for full-time and distance education of young people using best practices in cooking and restaurant business. The President of the Foundation emphasizes that this is an investment in a new generation of specialists, new opportunities and the future of Donetsk Oblast.

“We have three main tasks. The first one is full-time education of students in the north-west of Donetsk Oblast based on the School of Cooking Art, which has been opened today. The Foundation will allocate buses to bring students from Druzhkivka, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Bakhmut and Pokrovsk here. If the experiment is successful (and I have no doubt about it), we will build another school of this format in Mariupol. The second item is an evening department at the School for those who want to get a second profession. A second education definitely does not hurt anyone, especially those who want to learn. It is said that robotization is coming, but I think that the computer will not be able to cook a delicious borsch soon. And the third part of the program is culinary master classes for all residents of Donetsk Oblast, learning high art for themselves,” Borys Kolesnikov noted.

At the grand opening of the Cooking School, students of the Kostyantynivsky Professional Lyceum held a two-hour master class on cooking pizza and rolls, and lavished guests of the event.

“Exquisite and tasty food is a little pleasure, the easiest way to please a person and cheer him up. In the future, I want to open my cafe, surprise visitors, as well as create a cozy atmosphere. Thanks to the great initiative of the Foundation and such an incredible gift for students, I am sure that we will succeed. In the future, we will become famous cooks, restaurateurs, technologists – people whose calling is to please and surprise others,” Vladyslava Mendrukh, a lyceum student, shared her impressions.

Not only students of specialized universities can be engaged in the School of Cooking Art. The Foundation invites everyone to improve his skills in preparing various dishes at open master classes. Registration for residents of Donetsk Oblast, days and topics of classes are available on the website of the Foundation.
22 March 2019 19:07
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