Borys Kolesnikov will help solve the problem of water supply in Kostiantynivka

Borys Kolesnikov will help solve the problem of water supply in Kostiantynivka

Since June 20, work will be started on restoring reserve wells to solve problems with drinking water in the Kostiantynivsky district of Donetsk Oblast. This was written by the Prime Minister of the Opposition Government, Borys Kolesnikov, on his Facebook page.

According to him, the central power is in no hurry to solve the problem. “I received thousands of reports about the problem with water supply to Kostiantynivka and other settlements of the area. The main reason is the disconnection of the pumping stations from electricity due to the huge debts of the Municipal Enterprise “Water of the Donbas” to the energy market. The second reason is an accident at conduit No. 2, worn-out pipes do not withstand pressure,” Borys Kolesnikov wrote on his Facebook page.

At the same time, according to him, local administrations behave quite strangely. “At first they wrote about a shortage of about two million hryvnias to eliminate problems. When I personally offered to transfer this amount as an aid, the local administrations immediately found all funds. Although in reality these reasons should not worry the local residents, they are absolutely not interested in how water and electricity are supplied, for which they pay,” the opposition prime minister emphasized.

Borys Kolesnikov believes that against the background of a critical situation, the power should take the following steps: first, no later than June 20 to adopt a resolution on providing “Water of the Donbas” enterprise with administrative and financial assistance to ensure uninterrupted water supply to residents of Donetsk Oblast. Secondly, immediately begin the overhaul of the Slavyansk-Kostiantynivka conduit. Thirdly, to send money from the reserve fund of the Cabinet of Ministers to prevent an emergency.

According to Borys Kolesnikov, neither the head of the regional administration, Oleksandr Kuts, nor the mayor of Druzhkivka, Valery Hnatenko, or the mayor of Kostiantynivka, Serhiy Davydov, are able to resolve this issue. “But they are able to send a SOS signal to the Cabinet of Ministers,” the opposition Prime Minister noted.

In this situation, Borys Kolesnikov promised personally from June 20 to take up the immediate restoration of reserve wells in the villages of the district, and to provide alternative water supply – rent, with the subsequent acquisition, food tankers for the delivery of drinking water to the residents of Kostiantynivka, Oleksiivo-Druzhkivka, Kostiantynivsky district and Ilinivsky community.

“I undertake to fulfill everything that is personally in my power,” Borys Kolesnikov emphasized.

17 June 2019 15:52
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