Tetiana Bakhteieva: Draft law No 10211 will protect the pharmaceutical market from monopolization

Tetiana Bakhteieva: Draft law No 10211 will protect the pharmaceutical market from monopolization

MPs from the OPPOSITION BLOC Ihor Shurma and Tetiana Bakhteieva, together with their colleagues in the Parliament and medical specialists, have drafted a draft law No 10211, the introduction of which will protect the pharmaceutical market from monopolization. In addition, the adoption of the law will ensure effective competition in the retail trade of medicines and the right of patients to choose a convenient and advantageous pharmacy.

“Ukraine is a country with a highly developed pharmaceutical industry. About 14 thousand names of medicines are registered here. Such a number indicates that there is a need for them on the market,” Tetiana Bakhteieva noted.

The politician said that the prepared draft law No 10211, unlike alternative No 8591, would not allow killing competition in the pharmacy market and depriving people of access to medicines.

According to Tetiana Bakhteieva, the odious draft law No 8591 of Iryna Sysoenko on new rules for pharmacies cannot be accepted, since it is capable of ruining competition in the pharmacy market and complicating the availability of the pharmacies themselves, respectively, making the prices for people only higher.

This document, for example, establishes a minimum distance between pharmacies of 500 meters, which is completely unacceptable for rural areas, as well as for hospitals with intensive care units.

“In hospitals, there should be pharmacy centers for the prompt purchases of possible consumables and necessary drugs,” the MP stressed, “and the monopoly on the number of pharmacy names will lead to the destruction of the existing network and the emergence of a new pharmacy network from the manufacturers themselves in its place.

“We categorically oppose this, because there should be no monopoly. The OPPOSITION BLOC stands for healthy competition among pharmacies. Each of us has the right to buy medicines where he wants, and at a price that suits him,” the opposition MP stated.

She is confident that the prepared draft law No 10211 will be supported and adopted by Parliament. “The draft law No 10211 fully guarantees the provision of high-quality drugs to every Ukrainian through a pharmacy. In addition, the document requires the mandatory availability of cash registers in pharmacies to avoid sales of counterfeit drugs and smuggling. These are necessary and right conditions. In addition, one of the employees must have special education, and there should be no requirements for the distance between pharmacies. Such regulation is an example of a modern European approach to the sale of medicines, under which state responsibility for their quality is respected,” Tetiana Bakhteieva summarized.

11 April 2019 17:00
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