Bakhteieva urged to “drive” the incompetent team of “Madagascar penguins” from the Ministry of Health

Bakhteieva urged to “drive” the incompetent team of “Madagascar penguins” from the Ministry of Health

Ukraine is still holding the first place in terms of measles in Europe, said MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC Tetiana Bakhteieva. For the first three months of 2019, by absolute number of the sick, Ukraine ranks second in the world after Madagascar – more than 25 thousand confirmed cases. “Obviously, that is why, Suprun and Lynchevskyi called themselves a team of “Madagascar penguins,” Bakhteieva stated.

According to her, in the period from March 2018 to February 2019, children under 1 year of age had the most measles in Ukraine - 7.2 thousand cases per million people.

“In these challenging times, the non-professional team of the Ministry of Health, together with the “grantees” are profiting at the expense of the Ukrainians. Ukrainian taxpayers’ money, which is about UAH 20 billion, is in the accounts of international organizations, while there are no medicines and vaccines in Ukrainian hospitals!” Bakhteieva stated.

“I found it surprising that among my colleagues who support Suprun and her team, there are women who have families with children. It is terrible that their current support for the pseudo-reform is the health and lives of Ukrainian children. Many of them are grant-based. Is money really a priority for them? Are children with measles indifferent to them? It is unprincipled and outrageous that women do not understand that there are no other people’s children! It is necessary to urgently drive the incompetent and irresponsible team of the Ministry of Health!” Tetiana Bakhteieva emphasized.

19 April 2019 17:27
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