Oleksandr Vilkul explained the difference between the real OPPOSITION BLOC and the “Lovochkin-Medvedchuk structure”

Oleksandr Vilkul explained the difference between the real OPPOSITION BLOC and the “Lovochkin-Medvedchuk structure”

“A vote for the OPPOSITION BLOC in the elections is a vote for the truth, freedom of Yefremov and the development of Ukraine, and a vote “For Life” is a vote for 11 members of the BPP party and Kiva who are on the party lists of this structure,” said one of the opposition leaders, Oleksandr Vilkul on the “Ukraine” TV channel.

According to him, the OPPOSITION BLOC stands for a strong independent Ukraine and is against Ukraine being a colony of NATO or Moscow, and “For Life” is the transformation of our country into a federal district of the Russian Federation.

“I thank all those Ukrainians (who are almost 800 thousand people) who voted for me during the presidential election. You made the right choice – you voted for a strong, rich, peaceful and kind Ukraine.

Now I am participating in the parliamentary elections as part of the OPPOSITION BLOC – the real OPPOSITION BLOC. I ask to support our team, ideas and values. In just 70 days of the presidential campaign, I did everything to bring all this to people. Much time has passed since then, the truth has come out, and I hope it is now clear who is the real opposition, and who is fake one,” Oleksandr Vilkul said.

He stressed: “People often confuse us – the real OPPOSITION BLOC with the structure of Medvedchuk-Lovochkin “For Life”. They use similar colors, rhetoric, but nevertheless, we differ from them, and from other parties.

Some (the most vivid example is the marauder Poroshenko) plundered the country and did everything to put us in colonial dependence under the external control of NATO. I respect the high standard of living in the United States. Hollywood, Las Vegas look very nice on TV, but nobody is going to build in our country. They need only raw materials, land, grain from us, and, as people say, the war to the last Ukrainian. This is not a Ukrainian model.”

“According to Vilkul, “For Life” structure receives commands in the Kremlin, in particular, Medvedchuk. Sometimes they carry Boyko, who sits silently in front of the television cameras. However, to become a federal district of the Russian Federation and turn Ukraine into a buffer zone between Russia and Europe is not our model.”

Oleksandr Vilkul stressed that the OPPOSITION BLOC is a Ukrainian political party: “We stand for a strong Ukraine, for non-aligned Ukraine, for a truly independent Ukraine. We are against colonial dependence on both NATO and Moscow. We stand for Ukraine, which is strong precisely because it is multilingual, multicultural, multi-religious – in religious terms. We will quickly stop the war. We know how to do it. We will raise production, create jobs here in the homeland. And people will have decent work, decent wages and decent pensions.”

In addition, according to the MP, to finally understand the difference between the OPPOSITION BLOC and “For Life” – just look at the party lists.

“In the “For Life” structure, there are officials Medvedchuk, Lovochkin. One was the Head of the Presidential Administration in 2004 and brought our country to the first Maidan, the second – in 2014 – to the second Maidan. The list of “For Life” party includes 11 members of the BPP party and the radical nationalist Kiva. In our party list (the OPPOSITION BLOC) there are experienced mayors who have 70-80% support (rating) in cities. The OPPOSITION BLOC now includes more than 70 mayors. We have business executives, we have industrial managers who create, know how to create, and will continue to create jobs. In addition, Oleksandr Yefremov is in our party list, who has been in prison for three years. It is clear to everyone that he is not guilty of anything, there is no charge, but nevertheless, he is kept in a 2 by 3 meter solitary cell. No one is going to release him. I personally went three times to the courts in Starobilsk, tried to take him on bail. Twice we made a cash deposit. Money was taken – but Yefremov was not released,” Vilkul noted.

Summing up, the oppositionist said: “If we speak in a simple way, then the vote in favor of “For Life” is a vote “For Life” is a vote for 11 members of the BPP party and Kiva. A voice for us is a voice for the freedom of Yefremov, for the freedom of all political prisoners, and this is a voice for the truth. This is our basic fundamental difference.”

17 June 2019 11:50
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