Oleksandr Vilkul: I will ensure a decent life for Kostyantynivka and other industrial cities

Oleksandr Vilkul: I will ensure a decent life for Kostyantynivka and other industrial cities

Candidate for the post of President from the OPPOSITION BLOC Oleksandr Vilkul presented the Targeted Program for Kostyantynivka.

At the Forum “Joint Peace Initiative”, which brought together hundreds of residents of Kostyantynivka, the OPPOSITION BLOC presidential candidate Oleksandr Vilkul told about his Targeted Program, developed with Borys Kolesnikov, city leaders, representatives of labor collectives and public organizations.

“We are in one of the most emblematic places in our country – Kostyantynivka, the last city before the front line. Neither the residents of Kostyantynivka, nor the residents of the Donbas need to be told what war is. They feel it every day. We take the responsibility to quickly end the war, restore peace, raise the economy and wages, give decent pensions, a decent standard of living and a decent future for Ukrainians in Ukraine,” Oleksandr Vilkul said.

Vilkul’s Targeted Program includes six directions.

First: Restoration of normal water supply. From the water station “Siversky Donets – Donbas” all networks to the city of Kostyantynivka and the network in Kostyantynivka will be completely replaced. Vilkul promised to restore the abandoned canal “Dnipro – Donbas” to provide water to the cities of the northwestern Donbas.

Second: We will make normal roads. Now the roads in the region are made only in one direction – for comfortable travel of officials from the Kharkiv airport to Kramatorsk. “There are no more roads at all, there are only directions and what remained in the west of the region from Euro 2012,” Vilkul stressed.

Third: We will build industrial enterprises and create new jobs with high wages. Under the “New Industrialization” program, the technology park created in Kostyantynivka will receive all the necessary privileges for the rapid construction of new enterprises and the attraction of investments. Money will be sent to the city, and people will feel confident again.

Fourth: 100% of the environmental tax paid by the enterprises of Kostyantynivka will remain in the city and it will be sent to improve the environment, modernize enterprises, develop infrastructure – roads, repair roofs, schools, hospitals, and special environmental payments to residents. Now 75% of the environmental tax is taken from the city.

Kostyantynivka is in a lowland, and some of the emissions are deposited in residential areas. Vilkul promised to provide a significant improvement in the ecological situation in the city.

Fifth: We will provide high-quality medical insurance, in which pensioners, children and state employees will be paid by the state for insurance, and employees by their enterprise. Such medical insurance will bring money to the health sector. Modern equipment will appear in hospitals, premises will be renovated, and doctors will receive an average salary in the Oblast with a 1.5 coefficient. This will solve the problem of lack of medical personnel.

Sixth: We will provide real, rather than fake decentralization. Powers of local governments will be supported by funding. The regions will receive funds for the construction and repair of kindergartens and schools, for the renovation of the Palace of Culture, and improvement of recreation areas for citizens. We will reduce the queue at kindergartens. Children’s and educational institutions of Kostyantynivka will be provided with everything necessary.

Oleksandr Vilkul assured that after winning the election he would return respect to the people of work. The opposition leader guarantees peace, economic growth and state support to the cities-workers of the Donbas. Kostyantynivka and its workers will live with dignity.

23 March 2019 19:38
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