Oleksandr Vilkul: We have united and we are going to the elections together to restore peace, the economy and return wealth to people to wealth

Oleksandr Vilkul: We have united and we are going to the elections together to restore peace, the economy and return wealth to people to wealth

The Parties “Opposition bloc”, “Party of Peace and Development”, “Ours”, “Renaissance” and “Trust the Deeds” will jointly go to extraordinary parliamentary elections.

“We have united the Parties “Opposition Bloc”, “Party of Peace and Development”, “Ours”, “Renaissance” and “Trust the Deeds”. We are going to the elections together to restore peace, the economy and return people to prosperity. We will carry out real decentralization and abolish anti-popular “reforms”. Only we can realize this,” one of the opposition leaders, Oleksandr Vilkul, wrote on his Facebook page.

During the press conference of the leaders of opposition parties, Oleksandr Vilkul presented the key areas of the joint Action Plan for the development of the economy.

“Our principle: the economy is not for the sake of the economy and for the sake of high wages, decent pensions, a decent standard of living. For the sake of Ukrainians who work abroad (today they are more than 10 million, and even Minister Reva, who said that Ukrainians “eat a lot”) so that they acknowledge this and return home. People work hard abroad because they cannot feed their families here in Ukraine. Therefore, our program provides for the support of the national commodity producer, the creation of jobs in our country, the adoption of targeted support programs in virtually all sectors of the national economic complex,” the MP said.

According to Vilkul, particular attention will be paid to the development of rocketry, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, IT and high technology, as well as the mining and metallurgical complex, and industry.

“As for the coal industry, when people do not receive wages for months, working in mines in the most difficult conditions, it is a shame for the current authorities. And we will correct it.

The metallurgical complex is where it is necessary to quickly take measures for the development of the industry, for the development of the country.

Stop living only by pumping out money from people by raising utility rates. It’s enough to live only by hiring loans from the International Monetary Fund, which are practically stolen and eaten away, on humiliating conditions. The country is strong with its economy,” said the oppositionist, stressing that thanks to the proposed Action Plan, the Ukrainian budget would be filled with a working industry and people would receive high, decent wages.

“We will return confidence in the Ukrainian banking system. Over the past five years, the previous authorities have destroyed more than 100 banks – for economic, political or any other corruption reasons.

We guarantee (this was done in many European countries in the years of crises) by the state with deposits of the population in banks.

In addition to this, we will adopt an effective program to support the agro-industrial complex. And, of course, we will not allow the land to be sold on the free market to transnational corporations. We will not allow Ukrainians to become slaves in their own land. Only Ukrainians will be masters of their land,” Vilkul noted.

An important activity of the opposition is to support entrepreneurship. “Small and medium businesses are self-employed people. We will fully preserve the entire system of preferential simplified taxation,” the oppositionist said.

“We have programs for every industry. And this is one of the most important accents of our activity, which we will work with and will definitely fulfill it. All the draft laws are already in the Verkhovna Rada, new ones have already been developed and will be submitted,” Oleksandr Vilkul said.

07 June 2019 17:34
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