Oleksandr Dolzhenkov: People cannot be fed with either language or faith. The country needs peace that will open the way to development

Oleksandr Dolzhenkov: People cannot be fed with either language or faith. The country needs peace that will open the way to development

The development of Ukraine is impossible without ending the military conflict and restoring peace. This was stated by MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC Oleksandr Dolzhenkov during a briefing in the Verkhovna Rada on Wednesday, February 27.

The politician called on the government to stop speculation on the themes of faith and language. “On February 28, the Verkhovna Rada, with the active participation of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, People’s Front, Samopomich, Radical Party and Batkivshchyna factions, are trying to speed up the process of considering the law on language. Remind you that in November 2014 these factions joined the “European Ukraine” coalition, failed all reforms, and now cannot offer anything to the people of Ukraine. Moreover, none of the leaders of these factions has a real plan for restoring peace in Ukraine. Instead, they talk about language as a top priority. And in fact, they simply have nothing to report to the Ukrainian citizens, so they resort to populism,” the MP said.

He noted that according to the World Bank, Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe — this is what the current authorities have achieves. “People cannot be fed with either language or faith. It is necessary to restore the economy. Instead, the pro-government parties cultivate an ideology of war, and even the armies, which they care so much about, have not avoided scandals. Now we are watching how former coalition partners are fighting over a corruption scandal in the army. But the OPPOSITION BLOC draws the attention of the citizens of Ukraine to the fact that corruption is not only there. It is at customs, and tax, and in the courts. This is clearly evidenced by the fact that foreign investment in Ukraine does not go. In 2013, the size of foreign direct investment amounted to $ 4.5 billion, in 2017 - $ 1.5 billion. What kind of economic prosperity, well-being and development can we talk about?” Oleksandr Dolzhenkov stressed.

According to the opposition, the policy pursued by the authorities has nothing to do with the course towards improving the lives of Ukrainians. “They rob the army, the language is divided by the Ukrainian people. Even church issues have already intervened. This is complete cynicism. They speak black on white, and white on black. They promise economic prosperity, but at the same time increase tariffs and reduce the number of subsidies. Due to their efforts, the number of people who may be eligible for pensions is reduced – IDPs do not go through verification procedures. The authorities also reduce the number of people who receive temporary disability allowance. The policy of the current authorities is a policy of social genocide, forced Ukrainization and stratification of Ukrainian society by language and faith,” the politician said.

Oleksandr Dolzhenkov urged Ukrainian citizens not to succumb to electoral provocations in the form of bribes and other “handouts”, but to vote for the team that can really bring Ukraine out of the economic crisis. “Every day, all Ukrainians feel on themselves the results of the “work” of the five pro-government factions. In the upcoming elections, citizens should make a decision and say a decisive “No!” to the authorities and their predatory policy,” the MP concluded.

27 February 2019 15:19
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