Yulia Kovalevska: Pension reform of the OPPOSITION BLOC is the increase in pensions, rather than increase in seniority

Yulia Kovalevska: Pension reform of the OPPOSITION BLOC is the increase in pensions, rather than increase in seniority

The current pension reform in Ukraine is ineffective and anti-popular. To run the economy and raise the level of social guarantees for the population, it is necessary to replace the incompetent authorities with a professional team. The program of Oleksandr Vilkul contains all the steps for the economic growth of the country and increasing the welfare of Ukrainians. This was stated by the deputy of the Zaporizhzhia regional council from the OPPOSITION BLOC Yulia Kovalevska following the presentation of the “Pension Guarantee Program” by the opposition presidential candidate Oleksandr Vilkul.

Yulia Kovalevska noted that according to the Pension Fund, 11.5 million people receive pensions in the country. Ukrainian pensions are recognized as one of the lowest in Europe. The Pension Fund is bankrupt, which is kept from complete ruin by multi-billion budget subsidies. To get out of the impasse, the current authorities have found the simplest and most acceptable solution – raising the retirement age and insurance experience, as well as reducing the rate of service.

The oppositionist also reminded that according to the Constitution, Ukraine is a social state that guarantees comfortable living conditions for all citizens. However, Ukrainian reality is radically different from what is written in the law. “It is terrible to state, but a similar experiment of social Darwinism, when the strongest survives, is carried out in relation to those who won the Great Patriotic War, restored the country, created a developed complex of the national economy, raised and educated a new generation, worked all their life for the good of the country” she said.

According to the deputy, despite the global and destructive five-year crisis, this “cannibalistic” policy has an alternative. It is presented in the Oleksandr Vilkul program “Peace and Development: Four Steps to Success” and in the draft Pension Code developed by a professional OPPOSITION BLOC team. The Program and the Code spell out in detail all the steps for launching the economy, creating new jobs, and introducing government programs aimed at increasing the level of social guarantees.

In civilized countries, the provision of a decent pension is a prerequisite and one of the main attributes of the state, recalled Yulia Kovalevska. In Ukraine, this can be achieved gradually by implementing the OPPOSITION BLOC program. “Without pension guarantees for its citizens, no country, trying to reach European standards, can consider itself civilized. The purpose of our pension reform is to increase pensions, rather than seniority,” the deputy of the Zaporizhzhia Regional Council from the OPPOSITION BLOC concluded.

17 March 2019 12:47
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