Volodymyr Pylypenko: Ukrainians should go to Europe for rest, rather than for work

Volodymyr Pylypenko: Ukrainians should go to Europe for rest, rather than for work

The goal of the OPPOSITION BLOC team is to ensure European standards of living in Ukraine. This was stated by Honored Lawyer of Ukraine Volodymyr Pylypenko on the “ICTV” TV channel.

“We can’t say that we are the party of the South, or the party of the East, because the power has destroyed the economy of the whole country for five years. And today, Ukrainians, both from the West and from the East, are going to Europe to earn money. And we want to make sure that they go there to rest, because they will have a decent standard of living in Ukraine,” the politician said.

According to him, it is precisely with the economy that social standards and the standard of living of people are inextricably linked.

“I have worked for four years in the Venice Commission. I know what European social standards are not from TV. What we were shown as high social standards is the robbing of our own people. First, in 2014, there was taken away free food for children of elementary grades in school, later - the free travel of children in public transport. “Wage leveling” on wages went further, when the tariff scale for state employees began to be calculated from the subsistence minimum, Volodymyr Pylypenko said.

According to the politician, the goal of the OPPOSITION BLOC is to give people truly European living standards. “The managers who are in our team are successful mayors and heads of enterprises. With their concrete deeds, they provided the standards of life on the local level from Uzhhorod to Odesa and Kharkiv. If they were able to bring order to their cities, to their enterprises, then they will be able to bring order to the Ukrainian economy and the social sphere. We will not have a demographic crisis, because the state will take care of children, carry out differential payments for the birth of two or more children, as it is, for example, in Poland. We will return fair accrual for all employees of public institutions. These laws have already been developed; we will submit them to parliament. And I am ready to help introduce laws that will make the standards of life in Ukraine truly European,” Volodymyr Pylypenko emphasized.

11 June 2019 16:32
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