Vilkul: Restoration of the country is our next task after changing the current state leadership

Vilkul: Restoration of the country is our next task after changing the current state leadership

From May 1, Naftogaz wants to once again raise the price of gas by another 15%, to UAH 9,717 per thousand cubic meters. Since November 1, 2018, the price of gas has already increased by 23.5%.

Opposition leader Oleksandr Vilkul wrote on his Facebook page: “As I said, these elections are a struggle not for names, but for the development of Ukraine. The president will be changed on April 21, but whether the system will change is a more important question.

One of the components of the answer is whether utility tariffs will be raised again.”

Vilkul stressed: “In this flood of media the mud that is being dispersed by the media and bots, the main thing is not to forget about the most important, about the future of Ukraine.

Only by uniting it is possible to protect people and destroy this chaos. Keeping unity, we will stop the continuation of the war, the increase in tariffs, provocations around faith, language and history.

We will restore our home country! This is our next task after the change of the current leadership of the state.”

Oleksandr Vilkul consistently advocates for the protection of people against the tariff arbitrariness of the authorities. He has filed a draft law about reducing gas prices for the population, as well as introducing a moratorium on its increase. The MP has repeatedly stressed that only political will is necessary for the reduction the gas tariff. Considering that the cost of Ukrainian gas production is about UAH 3 thousand, and its volumes are sufficient to meet the needs of the population and the public sector, the oppositionist systematically requires the authorities to reduce the price of gas for the population.

According to Vilkul, “a working family should not pay more than 15% of family income for utility”.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada Committee supported the draft Resolution No 9186 submitted by Vilkul, the adoption of which by the Verkhovna Rada will return the right to receive the subsidy for 2 million families, which the authorities have taken away in 2018.
18 April 2019 10:47
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