Oleksandr Vilkul: Mariupol – the city-hard worker – will live with dignity

Oleksandr Vilkul: Mariupol – the city-hard worker – will live with dignity

It became known what Mariupol would receive if Oleksandr Vilkul elected President of Ukraine.

At the Forum “Joint Peace Initiative”, which gathered more than 5 thousand residents of Mariupol, the candidate for President of Ukraine from the OPPOSITION BLOC, Oleksandr Vilkul, said, “The most important point of my program is decentralization. Using the example of Mariupol, we will give the state order for “Azovmash”, for cars and tanks for the Ukrainian railway, and the enterprise will work. We will leave 100% of environmental charges in the city, for this, serious environmental measures will be implemented and pension and salary supplements may be paid - environmental allowances. We will solve the problems of railway and transport communication. Decentralization is the real way for industrial cities to “breathe”.

The opposition leader stressed that the next step would be the restoration of industry and the economy, a return to normal life.

For the support of Mariupol, Vilkul together with the city authorities, deputies, representatives of labor collectives and public organizations developed the Targeted Program. “Mariupol - the city-hard worker - will live with dignity. Our program includes five strategic areas, - said Vilkul, - in particular:

First: I will restore normal transportation between Mariupol and the rest of the country. The tracks will be repaired and the normal railway communication will be restored;

Second: Due to the state order for the production of wagons, I will resume the work of “Azovmash”, which has not been operating for three years. Machine builders of Mariupol will get a job with a decent wage, and the metallurgical plants - an order for the metal;

Third: I will create a special economic zone in Mariupol. This will allow attracting new investors to the city, including foreign ones, to launch new enterprises, create a developed infrastructure, give qualified work and high salaries to tens of thousands of people;

Fourth: 100% of the environmental tax paid by enterprises of Mariupol will remain in the city and be used to improve the environment, modernize enterprises, develop infrastructure - roads, repair roofs, schools, hospitals, and special environmental payments to residents. Now 75% of the environmental tax is taken from the city;

Fifth: I will abolish anti-human “pension
reform”, in which, instead of increasing pensions, the authorities under the
guise of insurance experience actually increased the retirement age and reduced
the first and second lists for difficult and harmful professions, such as
metallurgists, coke chemistry and others. I will give people deserved benefits.
21 March 2019 17:13
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