Victoriia Hryb: Parliament is in no hurry to solve the problems of the Donbas

Victoriia Hryb: Parliament is in no hurry to solve the problems of the Donbas

The Verkhovna Rada has amended the 2019 budget draft law, allocating UAH 1 billion to the salaries of miners. However, this money is barely enough to pay off only a small part of the debts to the miners. This was stated in the session hall of the parliament by MP, Victoriia Hryb, on Friday, November 1.

According to her, her attempts to bring information to MPs about the insufficient amount of funds allocated to the miners turned out to be futile. None of the Victoriia Hryb amendments to the 2019 budget was taken into account. However, the edits took place in an “amazing” way, which during the meeting of the relevant Committee were voiced “by voice” and already after the deadline for their submission.

“One of these amendments provides for the allocation of UAH 200 million for the construction of a runway at a private airport in Dnipropetrovsk. These are the priorities of the Verkhovna Rada,” Hryb said.

Another significant moment, emphasized by the MP, is that, despite all the efforts of President Zelenskyy, the parliament is in no hurry to address the problems of the residents of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

“The funds allocated for the development of the regions are not enough. Donbas needs a substantial increase in funding. And for residents of frontline cities, this is a matter of principle. People should see the care of the state,” Victoriia Hryb emphasized.

01 November 2019 16:38
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