Vadym Novynskyi: After entering the parliament, the “Opposition Platform” will immediately split into groups of interests

Vadym Novynskyi: After entering the parliament, the “Opposition Platform” will immediately split into groups of interests

The “Opposition Platform” is the intersection of “a snake and a hedgehog” In their list - Ilya Kiva and 11 people from Poroshenko’s entourage. This was written on his Facebook page by the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC parliamentary faction, Vadym Novynskyi.

“I am often asked about the difference between our political force - the OPPOSITION BLOC party and the “Opposition Platform - For Life” party. I understand people, because the “Opposition Platform - For Life” is actively exploiting the symbolism and rhetoric of the OPPOSITION BLOC, using the leading TV channels for propaganda, which belong to the same party,” Novynskyi wrote.

According to him, the “Opposition Platform” was created by people who during the whole period of Petro Poroshenko’s rule were actively playing up to him and visited his Presidential Administration very often. “They helped Poroshenko to reach the second round of the recent presidential elections. These people were excluded from the OPPOSITION BLOC faction in parliament, because their unhealthy ambitions went against the party and the people who voted for the OPPOSITION BLOC in 2014,” the MP noted.

According to Vadym Novynskyi, in the list of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” there are 11 people from Poroshenko’s inner circle. “Ilya Kiva is on their party list, who in 2014-2016 called for the killing of Donbas residents, and now he is in a party that allegedly represents the interests of the southeast. The list of the “Opposition Platform” is just a cross between “a snake and a hedgehog” Politicians who are on the list, more recently, not hesitating, threw mud at each other. After entering the parliament, this party will immediately split into groups of interests, and they are unlikely to think about the interests of voters,” the politician emphasized.

Vadym Novinsky added that for five years the OPPOSITION BLOC had consistently fought against the Poroshenko regime. “Politicians are in the ranks of our party, many of whom, including myself, have been subjected to repression by the previous power. I was deprived of parliamentary immunity and a lot of criminal cases were filed. Our former colleagues fought against us. And they continue to fight. It was they who, with the “hands” of the pocket Agrarian Party, challenged the results of the draw, as a result of which the OPPOSITION BLOC received No. 1 in the ballot, the “Opposition Platform – For Life” got the sixth number,” the parliamentarian said.

According to him, the OPPOSITION BLOC party, to put it in church terminology, is canonical opposition. “Throughout the entire period of existence, we have never compromised with the current power, always openly expressed our point of view, did not betray our voters and clearly followed the interests of that part of the population who trusted us with their votes and saw protection in us during the hardest years. Now in the OPPOSITION BLOC party list there are mayors of large and small cities, industrialists, directors of large enterprises, who speak little but do much. Behind their backs, there are real deeds; with their efforts Ukraine has passed a large-scale economic crisis, which unfolded because of the short-sighted policy of the previous power,” Vadym Novynskyi wrote.

In his view, the next convocation of the parliament should be constructive and independent. “On July 21, our country will take an important step - a new parliament will be elected. I really want to believe that the new convocation of parliament will be more creative and independent, and its activities will help unite our country. The OPPOSITION BLOC by the will of God is on the FIRST PLACE on the ballot. Come to the polls; make your contribution to the development of our country. You are never ashamed of your choice in favor of the “OPPOSITION BLOC” – party number 1,” Vadym Novynskyi wrote.

15 July 2019 12:41
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