Vadym Novinsky: Zelensky is obliged to begin the economic reintegration of the Donbas

Vadym Novinsky: Zelensky is obliged to begin the economic reintegration of the Donbas

Only two of the initiatives that the parliament intends to consider this week are important: draft laws on temporary investigative commissions and on the impeachment of the President, which are in a bundle, and the new Electoral Code. However, according to the head of the OPPOSITION BLOC faction, Vadym Novynskyi, the people do not really care if these draft laws are adopted. “People care about tariffs, wages and whether there will be peace in the South-East. These are the primary issues that should be considered by the Verkhovna Rada. But in spite of the large number of resolutions that we registered on these topics and insisted on their adoption – the pro-government MPs decide everything in their own way,” the oppositionist said on the “Nash” TV channel on Monday, June 3.

According to the politician, the current issues of the country cannot be solved by the current convocation of the parliament. “This is the Verkhovna Rada of war, and it is not capable of resolving peace issues. Instead, consideration of the Electoral Code will begin on Thursday, and until the elections on July 21, parliament will consider only it. However, in such a state, the Verkhovna Rada will not be able to adopt the Electoral Code. It is also impossible to say that it will be a balanced and important document. Because it will not be possible to consider 4200 amendments quickly and efficiently, when there is no majority in the session hall,” Vadym Novynskyi said.

The head of the opposition faction proposed to change the timetable for the Verkhovna Rada, work seven days a week before the elections and adopt a new Electoral Code. “If a Code with open lists is adopted, we are ready to support it. But first of all, I would put for consideration those draft laws that arise from the Minsk agreements. Because the most important task for any power is to establish peace in the South-East so that our citizens do not die, so that Ukraine is not divided. Without this, there will be neither economic growth, nor increase in the welfare of our citizens. First of all, we need to do just that,” the politician emphasized.

He noted that the current President had repeatedly stated, including in his inaugural speech, about his readiness to give his authority and his rating in order to save at least one life, as well as to negotiate with anyone. However, two weeks have passed and there are no steps. On the contrary, we hear statements contradicting what he said earlier. Vadym Novynskyi believes that this is evidence that Volodymyr Zelensky has no peace program and will to do this.

“73% of Ukrainians supported the current President. They all wanted peace. Therefore, it is necessary to put aside everything and do just that. It is already possible to sign a decree on lifting the criminal blockade of the Donbas, which was introduced by Poroshenko’s decree. It caused enormous damage to the economy and dug a deep ditch between the two parts of Ukraine. Zelensky is simply obliged to cancel it, and then the economic reintegration of the Donbas will begin, followed by a political one,” the head of the opposition faction summarized.

03 June 2019 17:28
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