Vadym Novynskyi: Following the meeting of the Normandy group, it is necessary to adopt an agreed plan for the return of the Donbas

Vadym Novynskyi: Following the meeting of the Normandy group, it is necessary to adopt an agreed plan for the return of the Donbas

The Steinmeier Formula is not a perfect document for establishing peace in the Donbas. Therefore, during a meeting in the Normandy format, it is necessary to develop and adopt a new document that would be binding on all parties to the conflict. Vadym Novynskyi, MP, member of the Verkhovna Rada Reintegration Committee of the Donbas, writes about this in his programmatic article “From the Steinmeier Formula to the Ukrainian Formula of Peace” for the “Facts” publication.

According to him, on October 1, 2019, the Minsk Group made a breakthrough – agreed on the procedure for making decisions on ensuring security, holding elections in the Donbas according to Ukrainian legislation and restoring the border of Ukraine.

“However, almost immediately, the authorities passed up before the “party of war”, appealing to the crowd, appropriating the right to speak on behalf of the people. Decisions about the peace and the beginning of practical steps to implement the political, military and economic components of the peace action plan to this day cause a lot of fears, prejudices, even open opposition. For millions of people suffering from war, the truth is one thing: either – war, no matter what slogans it covers, or – the establishment of a sustainable peace and the path to general reconciliation. We simply must use our chance for peace,” the MP said.

He added that opponents of the peace openly blackmailed the authorities and society with new Maidan and revolutions, not hiding their willingness to use force and violated laws. This creates the prerequisites for disrupting the meeting of the leaders of the Normandy Four countries. This meeting, according to Novynskyi, is strategic for Ukraine and may open up new opportunities for restarting the peace process.

“I believe that in the near future the Normandy group (if its summit is not disrupted by a group of political “hawks ”, for which, alas! there are prerequisites) should come up with a specific document – an agreement, a plan, whatever you like – with mutual guarantees for the fulfillment of earlier obligations on the cessation of hostilities, the restoration of the state border of Ukraine and assistance to Ukraine in overcoming the consequences of the war. The main thing: it must be a binding document. And it is necessary to clearly coordinate the mechanism of control over its implementation, the mechanism of influence on the parties to the conflict and the mechanism of coercion to implement it,” the MP emphasized.

30 October 2019 15:05
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