Vadym Novynskyi: The law on “language” will be abolished

Vadym Novynskyi: The law on “language” will be abolished

The OPPOSITION BLOC disputes the law in the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. Vadym Novynskyi, head of the OPPOSITION BLOC faction, and Oleksandr Dolzhenkov, MP, on behalf of 51 MPs, submitted to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine the submission on recognition of the Law on Ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as the State Language that is contrary to the Constitution.

According to the authors of the submission, the law violates the right of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution to speak and study in their native language and discriminates citizens on the basis of language, effectively imposing a ban on the use of the Russian language and the languages of other national minorities. The Russian language at the legislative level is completely excluded from labor relations, education, science, culture, media, public events, consumer services, sports, telecommunications and communications, workflow, correspondence and other areas of life of citizens in which it is not permissible to oblige them to use one or another language.

According to the MP Oleksandr Dolzhenkov, the Constitution of Ukraine and international treaties guarantee the free development, use and protection of the languages of all nations living in Ukraine.

“The law discriminates on the basis of language 40% of the total population of the country - Russian-speaking Ukrainians, calling them a national minority. Along with the Ukrainian language, the law provides for the functioning of only the Crimean Tatar language, English and other official languages of the EU, which are not common in Ukraine. We will protect these violated rights of our voters,” he said.

The head of the OPPOSITION BLOC faction, Vadym Novynskyi, commenting on the constitutional submission, stressed: “On the issue of the languages of a multi-ethnic bilingual country like Ukraine, we are in a position of respecting constitutional rights. We are for the Ukrainian language as a state language, for the development of the Russian language, for access to education in the native languages of national minorities. However, we are against inciting language warfare in Ukraine. The language draft law was adopted with gross violations, put to the vote, violating the procedure clearly described by the Regulations. Numerous facts of non-personal voting are also recorded, which is why, a year ago the Constitutional Court reversed the previous law on language.

21 June 2019 15:13
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