Vadym Novynskyi: Our enterprises will invest in infrastructure projects of Mariupol

Vadym Novynskyi: Our enterprises will invest in infrastructure projects of Mariupol

On Thursday, June 27, the mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boychenko, presented Vadym Novinsky a strategy for the improvement of the inner territories of the city.

In a solemn atmosphere, representatives of the OPPOSITION BLOC opened another cozy courtyard in the Kalmius district of Mariupol. Equipped recreation corners, high-quality pavement and blooming flower beds are the result of synergy of efforts of residents and city authorities. Mariupol create condominiums, and the city provides financial support. That is the meaning of the program “Cozy Yard”.

“Our residents see changes and strive for them, especially recently when the “Metinvest” group is investing millions in the infrastructure of our city. We have such objects that exist nowhere else in the world. By the way, the temple in the city center is being built by Vadym Novynskyi. He also offered to re-register his company “Smartholding” in Mariupol. This means that all taxes will remain here, and this is more than UAH 50 million,” Vadym Boychenko noted.

Vadym Novynsky said about his intention to fully support the management strategy of the current mayor. Indeed, in a short time of his management, the front-line city flourished and became an island of stability in the region. “But I have a condition: I want this money to be sent precisely to such projects that will allow the development of Mariupol. Point projects: repair the building, build a park, help the hospital. We will be determined with the city head in manual mode, what exactly it will be,” Novynskyi emphasized.

Such a statement caused a flurry of emotions among the local residents, who are accustomed to the positive dynamics of change in the city. And the mayor thanked the investor for trust and assistance in the development of Mariupol.

27 June 2019 19:40
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